DNA & Clips: Fans Aren’t Admitting When People Lost

http://www.vladtv.com/ – Charlie Clips and DNA spoke with VladTV Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes about the controversy that often revolves around battles regarding fans always debating who won. Initially, DNA and Clips were asked why some Battle Rappers come unprepared without a complete 3rd round, and they related it back to the motivation to battle for an actual victory, rather than just battle to battle.

Clips and DNA both agreed that the fans try to make battles debatable too often based off of who they like more. They both provided examples of how this type of biased judging by the fans goes down far too often. Both DNA and Clips admire and respect the fans for always showing continuous support for the culture, but they do feel as though they need to be more honest and admit when a rapper wins and loses, rather than always try to debate battles based off of biased judgements.



    These two got something in common with us fans because they don’t either.

    • ig :tbg_inktone

      “Bang, bang ,bang ,bang!!!!”

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      lol Charlie died vs Magic and he still be on Twitter talking like he won.

  • Jei Sweet

    Charlie Clips, you lost to B-Magic.

    The whole battle is debatable cause it was a sick battle, tho.

  • Murlin

    round for round did lux really win tho…lets talk about it

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      Battlerap is nothing but subjective opinion so no one can say Lux ‘really’ won. Now with that said ive watched that battle atleast 5 times and I have lux winning rounds 2 and 3 easy…not really much debate in my opinion.

      • Murlin

        i agree but what if cal said the same shit that lux said and lux said what cal said….would cal have gotten booed out the buildin?

        • TipOfTheIceberg

          even if Cal had took the angle lux took and had gotten booed, it would then be up to us watching it to say that it was some bullshit NY bias. I do think that crowd gave lux a lot of leeway to get to a ‘punch’ so I agree with u on that but to me the shit that lux was saying was still some good shit. I I don’t give the win to lux because the crowd did….I gave the win to lux because I thought the shit he was saying was dope anyway and would have thought it was dope even if the crowd has booed lux.

          Case in point is the pat stay vs arcane battle. crowd was fucking with pat heavy and not really fucking with Cane. Pat won that battle but I have Cane winning it 2-1 possibly 3-0 but he stumbled in the 3rd. I follow Cane on twitter and mad fans have it the same…they say he got robbed. u cant let the crowd sway u from what YOU think is dope. and u cant think something is wack but let the crowd trick u into liking it because THEY do. If the crowd would have booed lux i still would have thought he won rounds 2-3 just like i think Verb got in Rex’s ass even tho the crowd was booing Verb. (crowd was right to boo verb vs clips…he sucked bad in that battle.) But in the Rex battle they was hatin on him because of his blogs saying he trying to take NY down. so u think lux was wack and he lost then u should hold to that opinion regardless of the crowd hype.

    • Wonder’s Photographyy

      good point. i do think lux won round 2 and 3. round won cal got.

  • killabk

    I agree with everything dna said lux did lose the 1st round and k shine lost the first and second most fans are not listening to bars

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      DNA didn’t even say he won the second….he only says he won the first. so if a battler wont give him self round 2 I don’t see how you can. at best round 2 is debatable.

      • Jamal

        did you watch the video? he said people say dna got killed..his point was he clearly got round one..kshine clearly got round 3 and he said round 2 is debatable..but the consensus is niggas is saying kshine bodied him..but he said his fans could debate he won the 1st two rounds.

        • Andre Harris

          Man he got 3-0 vs K-Shine CLEARLY! There y’all go again believing that bs.

        • Jamal

          who said anything about me believing him? all i said is what point DNA was making..i think he lost too..

  • killabk

    I believe dna Charlie clips and tsu surf are the only battle rapper who has not lost either they won or it was debateable k shine was the same way until big t

    • Razor

      You’re an idiot

      • H’D

        true. surf and clips both have losses

        • rexchap

          Clips hasn’t lost yet…..Plain and simple! I dont give a fuck about Surf enough. Surf lost to Conceited! But Clips has NOT lost yet!

        • Streets Buchanon

          Youre in denial bar for bar B magic got Charlie and im more of a Clips fan than Charlie

        • Streets Buchanon

          Than Magic*

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          By the same person too. BIG T

    • Andre Harris

      Pass smoked K-Shine worse than big T. Those computer name flips were weak and Pass was hitting that nigga with punchlines, word play, personals and that real street shit.

    • Wolfpack Toma

      Surf lost to DNA, Big T, and Concieted

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        Yung Ills biggest win was on surf

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Big T killed both of them.

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Its good for them to have love for the fans but they care to much about what fans think as far as wins and losses. all this talk about ‘fans will always give their fav rapper the win and not say they sucked’ shouldn’t even matter to them. Its taking away from the main problem: to many cats showing up to battle on some hitman/conceited, kskine/big t or some young ill shit. Niggas need to hold a meeting with themselves and talk about giving it 100% every battle and try to get this shit bigger and bigger so they can make more money. Just focus on that and don’t worry about fan bias.

    • Jones

      naw nigga

  • killabk

    I know what your saying but remember everybody got they own opinion and I feel dna took the second round and don’t use words like your a idiot I’m a grown man watch your msouth

  • Guest

    “Bang ,bang ,bang,bang”

  • whatup

    Battle rap is slowly dying it’s going back to the underground. It had that rollerblade buzz for a lil like in the late 90s and early 2000s.

  • Fathead

    New York niggas is delusional u did not kill verb New York don’t fuck wit him no matter what he say and DNA CLEARY lost his last2 battles shine killed him chilla bodied him then DNA gone start using the same shit s shine used on him….. Got that tooth fixed nigga get that cap the fuck outta here lmao Charlie n DNA some recycle kings Captain Planet ass niggas

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      NY loves making visiting battlers lose lol

  • Say what?!…what

    i been drinking and im not sure wft im watchin some one esclplain this please

  • RogerBliddack

    If you are reading this and think battle rap is kinda ‘like a sport’… even Pro athletes CAN and DO…admit defeat, when necessary….there is no shame in taking a loss like a man.

    However, you NEVER hear ANY of these battle rappers MAN UP… and just admit: “Yeah I clearly lost to (insert name)”.

    Hey Clips & DNA… do not blame the fans. Fans are merely a reflection of the emcees. Period.

    The Real problem is that most battle emcees ARE NOT HONEST WITH THEMSELVES. For whatever reasons, they just cannot come clean and take a loss like a man.

    Unlike athletes, rappers never admit when they (flat-out) lose. They know who won or lost every round. If judges are involved, they will claim the judges are biased, or the crowd was biased long before saying the two words: “I lost”.

    For Example: DNA got viciously bodied by K-shine, but is constantly seen in interviews saying stuff like: “except for the 3rd round, the other 2 rounds were debatable”. NO THEY WERE NOT. NIGGA, YOU LOST EVERY ROUND. POINT. BLANK. PERIOD.

    Now I like DNA, but he got bodied ALL 3 ROUNDS by K-shine. The 3rd round was just happened to be the worst one. I can admit that, but he probably still cannot. The sooner these rappers themselves can accept defeat, the sooner the fans will no longer consider every battle ‘debatable’. It trickles down.

    The reason people compare battle rap to the WWE (and not to other major sports like NFL, or NBA instead) is because they both have something in common.

    Only in the WWE do some wrestlers clearly lose matches, but still walk around and act like their losses never happened.

    However, in other sports, athletes ‘accept’ their loss, ‘admit’ their loss, ‘admit’ their mistakes, then try to learn from their mistakes and put it behind them.

    Most Athletes say: “We lost the WHOLE game. We will do better next time.”
    They never say: “We only lost the 4th quarter, or the 9th inning. The WHOLE GAME is dabateble.”

    Meanwhile, most battle rappers say dumb shit like: “I won the 1st and 2nd round, so I won” then convince themselves that they did not just get knocked out cold in the 3rd round. They lie to themselves then wonder why fans can’t “keep it real.”

  • Andre Harris

    these are the two most notorious rappers for not admitting when they lost. Charlie thinks he’s undefeated when he lost to Big T and B Magic. They didn’t kill clips but they clearly edged it. DNA has the most loyal fans they say he beat K-Shine when he clearly lost and I bet people are gonna say he beat Pass when the footage drop even though he clearly lost 2-1 if not 3-0.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      DNA died vs Charron lol

  • Gee

    Oh the irony of these two talkin about fans not admitting who lost..last I checced dumbass fans said dna and clips beat Chilla and magic which only a special ed nigga or someone who watches battles jus cuz its hot now would say..
    DNA vs ill= icepacc
    DNA vs big t= big T
    DNA vs X= X
    DNA vs Chilla = Chilla

    Clips vs X = X
    Clips vs big t= Big T
    Clips vs Magic = magic

    Those battles they lost BAR FOR BAR yet niggaz still dicc ride em
    And I’m from NY,them niggaz clips and dna horrible

    • RogerBliddack

      Charlie Clips beat X-Factor. Keep it real. Clips went off for like 20 minutes before X’s homeboy passed out and Charlie even freestyled a bar for that, right on the spot. lol. Don’t get me wrong, X is no slouch. He bodied DNA in a hall of fame-worthy performance…… but he lost to Clips imo.

      • Gee

        Clips freestyle garbage..all he did was rhyme a one syallable word.. 20mins of rapping and 4 barz don’t equal a win

  • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

    lol these are two nigga that wont admit there loses than anybody the league

  • Tha7thLetta

    Look at DNA face between 1:25 and 1:35……. Even ya little nicca don’t believe that shit Clips

  • InTheClouds856

    These 2 are the biggest abusers of the word “debatable”. Pot callin the kettle black. I had to turn it off halfway thru cause i refuse to hear that word again.


    DNA never won a battle


    Admit that snuggle tooth bitch k shine bodied u chilla bodied u ill bodied u and u ugly as fuck

  • retro1260

    lmao am a n.y nigga and to tell you the truth b magic spank both of these dudes so them fans must of been sniffing that stuff

  • CPG718

    This is so true about midwest fans, they lie! They will see their artist get killed but still post that he won, it makes it boring to be honest.


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