DNA Responds to Lotta Zay Saying He’s Bottom 5


  • Ace Boon Coon

    does this nigga live in vlads studio or something lol

  • Ace Boon Coon

    that nigga lotta zay would fuck dna up seriously.

    • TipOfTheIceberg

      SO seriously.

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      How can you win something based on a opinion that isn’t taken? Dumb nigger lol

      • Ace Boon Coon

        I put a rack on it you wouldnt say no shit like that to my face… And im a leave it at that

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          Say what?

        • Ace Boon Coon

          Play dumb if you want and get you shit blown through the back of your jacket

        • Whatyofeetsmelllike

          Nigger. Calm down I don’t know what I said Coon. Is your mamas welfare late nigger? Just chill out thug.

  • That Nigga Meteor Man

    this nigga vlad is a straight up instigator..well played nigga

  • pimpin slimm

    thought dis nigga wasn’t gonna go tick 4 tack

  • sityoassdownbro


  • whatup

    I’m tired of looking at that ugly crooked picture in every interview. Fix that ish already!!

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    Pass killed you, nigga.

  • Jamal

    i dont know what the fuck these idiots in the comments talking about.. DNA never even said he could beat Lotta zay..Its about respect, he didnt call out DNA…DNA Fucking battles anybody..If zay wanted to battle DNA all Lotta Zay had to do was ask DNA…Lotta zay came out with a blog out of no where saying DNA the top 5 worst battlers..hes a fucking hater and DNA handled it like a boss..I was never even a DNA fan like that..but you have to respect his work ethic..and you can tell he has the right people around him..he reasons well..everything he said was right on.. Lotta Zay and him came in the same time..DNA never had anything bad to say about him..why would Lotta Zay point out DNA as the worst unless he was envious? Both had the same opportunities to succeed..i mean seriously look how many trash niggas is battling right now..in every league and you pick DNA as your worst? Jealous hater..hes mad DNA got farther in battling when both had the same time to get on..DNA is growing up and understands what he saying and doing.. Lotta Zay is an idiot…he’s older and less intelligent..you dont discredit the nice guy..the nice guys fans will black ball you out the sport.. If you look at the video where Lotta Zay says DNA the top 5 worst shit has more dislikes than likes..no one is questioning Lotta Zay skills..son is nice but i aint feeling this…nigga had a couple nice battles and now he tryna discredit niggas who put work in and built what he has..go fuck yourself Lotta Zay and fuck whoever dont like this..whether you like DNA or not..he deserves what he has worked for..and he put mad work in..like 20+ battles..Lotta Zay came in the same time and has no right to discredit anyone..

    • Renuo

      Nigga who the fuck is reading all that shit? Hurry the hell up and state ya point and move on

      • Jamal

        grow up nigga…it aint cool to be illiterate…you take time to comment but wont read..fuck yourself..what you tryna be cool like you 15? “im not reading that..im too cool to read a little paragraph on a fucking blog site” dumb fuck..if you could read it would take like 60 seconds..

        • brian

          lmao. I must admit I literally laughed out loud at Renuos comment. However…I did read your post. “all of it” and you 100% right. Lotta a hater and DNA sounded more intelligent in this video than I thought he was.

        • Andy

          Jamal is butt hurt

      • Love battle rap

        hahahaha you right!!! get that nigga renuo

      • ohgod


    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      I thumbed you up because you typed that much bullshit online

  • ArkansasBlacc

    Vlad and them are some sneaky ass instigating ass Europeans

  • Vonage

    I think it will b debatable if they battle, lotta is talkn bout dna like this because hes tryna move up obviously but you cant discredit somebody who put in work like dna !! ya b hatin mannn…dna just started losin really




    i like how he put this,,u do need to keep your status once u work for it!! GET ON MY LEVEL!!!

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Dope interview

  • Lejos De Ficticia

    dna was salty as shit but kept saying he didn’t care… but kept talling about it…




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