• FAMP

    B Magic vs DNA.. i’ll watch that..!!

  • Rexchap

    Well, when you niggas are giving HALF ASS performances, you ARE shitting on the fans and SMACK! So Payback’s a bitch DNA! Smack had every RIGHT to say it the way he said it! He paid good money for WEAK SHIT! Shit was getting WEAK

    • Aubrey OVO

      Nigga you wildin’. When has DNA given you a wack performance? Smack needs to stop setting up these dumb ass match ups. He put fucking Surf vs Conceited, then when Surf lost to Con, he put him against Hollow Da Don? How you gon put a nigga that loses every battle, against top tier rappers and expect a good show?

      • dboy31318

        U bugging surf been on fire give that man his due he top 5 right now

        • Aubrey OVO

          Top 5? Nigga, most of his hot bars as of late were inspired by Conceited & SONS. The slow it down/subtitle shit = same thing. Surfs hottest bar as of late was “U R in the middle of that CH CH that’s CHURCH”. But then that shit sounds just like “I’ll put Sand in ER’s like DEON”.
          Y’all be giving all these battle rappers a pass, but I have no patience for niggas like Surf and JJDD who just take other peoples bars and rephrase them. If you’re gonna put people who have no style of their own on your top 5, then I bet my top 5 is better than your top 5.

        • lucifa

          u mad con & hollow lost to him arent you lmfaooo

        • Aubrey OVO

          Lost? Really tho?

      • God Aweful

        Ummmm…. DNA has been terrible on URL. He hasn’t really gone off for three rounds since he beat Surf but I agree about Surf. Apparently if you are popular, you don’t have to actually win.

  • Gee

    I’m glad this ugly nigga and clips not on SM3 ..Smacc pay these niggaz 2k topz.. I’m tired of their 3rd grade wordplay and Pre school setups..The fans dicc ride em hard but tell me the last time Dna and clips had a battle u cud watch 3 or more times and excited like you jus hard they shit for the first time? Never ..fucc Dese niggaz if it aint Bmagic vs Con then don’t pay dirtiest nigga alive to battle magic

    • MoneyBamn

      Why would Con battle B Magic if Heartless already kilt that nigga? Con sent his man to do the hit already.

  • Raymond

    It’s bad business practices to air your money makers out like Smack did. This is battle rap, but it’s a business, too. Smack is not a battle rapper. He should have taken all these top tier dudes to the side and told them what’s up: I need better performances for the money I’m paying. Not release some passive aggressive blog post.

    • water

      Well said.

  • Art

    Glad 2 see big names giving lil names a shot. Clips, DNA, rex, and arsonal been doing it

  • InTheClouds856

    Oh you mad cause I’m stylin on you…

  • Kobe

    DNA is hella buggin to say Arsonal Won lmao Dizaster killed that fool! Diz beat Arsonal 3-0 possibly 2-1 if you want to edge Arsonal that first round. Though Diz is at a different level after that battle, you guys will see after the footage drops. I think DNA and Diz got some beef for him to even consider Diz losing that night lol

    • Dat Nicca

      I agree with DNA. Arsonal took the battle to me 2-1. Diz simply isn’t focused enough in his rounds. I don’t care that you are able to ryhme melon with lemon. I care about how you structure your bars and Diz didn’t have enough structure in that battle, but Arsonal did. Many of you gave Aye Verb the third round in his battle with Arsonal, because you felt that Arsonal rapped for 7 minutes but it didn’t hit the way Aye Verb did with his 3 minutes of focused bars. Arsonal wins against Diz for just about the same reason. Ya’ll can’t have it both ways with Arsonal. Quit hating on the nicca!

  • Caught Choosen

    Lux’s choke was what made that battle so epic- we saw a man, battler, artist go from beloved to failure pick himself up and ultimately triumph in the same battle, the same performance, the same night. So lets not downplay the artistic prowess and mental stamina it takes to overcome such odds in a battle of mind, wit and wordsmith when we live for it when it happens on the court, field or greens.

    $40 thousand is pennies to pay this man. Who creates his own art, interpretation, character,memorizes and then recites with thespian skill before an interactive audience when we pay millions to actors who are given teachers and coaches and months to learn another’s work only to mimick what artists such as Lux live.

  • BigJamar

    And what niggas don’t realize is that smack ain’t put but one top tier nigga on the card which means he didn’t pay top dollar for the rest of them dudes so he get to pocket the rest of that paper and tickets are still 100 because he coulda pulled the dudes to the side and let them know if you niggas don’t step your shit up I’m paying you less or not even putting you niggas on the card but it was a money move

  • BigJamar

    And fam right they pay weak ass rappers millions for garbage pay that nigga 40k. Url on bet lux help build url stage and smack eating good off that. Pay that nigga for his craft 40k ain’t shit to url.

  • Whateva

    F#&K this missing tooth nigga…

  • Kid Dynomite

    I guess got washed away wit dem watered down bars he be spitten


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