DNA Talks About Today’s Battle Vs Sketch Menace & Battling Tay Roc

DNA Talks About Today’s Battle Vs Sketch Menace & Battling Tay Roc

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  • BamBam


    • MadonnaSummers818

       QB WON. PERIOD! I was in the building, this is like a wrestling match where QB is wrestling All that Jazz and the real queen on the ring Norbes. Normally Rappers wait to the battle is out before they claim victory, I smell something fishy in the proganda machine, this is Jazzes 5th video claiming she won. Norbes and Jazz trying to turn the URL into FAUX NEWS.

      • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

        thank you  for saying this .. i heard from 3 other people who were there that it was debatable jaz killed her in the thrd . but the first two qb .


    norbes tryna hit that on da low

    • http://bolddebauchery.tumblr.com/ Amaterasu

      nigga on her clit heavily

      • Jig2jar

         rich interesting but ill  come on…… smack who is this nigga

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    im convinced about what breezy said about the battle . qb went in so hard jaz almost cried .. then she made a comeback . tht doesnt give her the w . gives her the rnd .

    • http://bolddebauchery.tumblr.com/ Amaterasu

      who’s breezy?

    • juan lee

       She only almost cried in the 3rd cuz sumn personal was brought up

  • http://bolddebauchery.tumblr.com/ Amaterasu

    this bitch gassed the fuck up. every battle i seen of her she was garbage. i simply refuse to believe she beat qb. no fuckin way

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3P2VQKBMO65KX2ZMGXXFFA52TA DRE

    This chick is fine as hell to me, something about woman with that natural beauty!!  Her bars are decent but she could definitely get it!!

    • Johnjpj

      ur a fag

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3P2VQKBMO65KX2ZMGXXFFA52TA DRE

        Stop hatin fuck boy!!

        Have a nice day.

  • JadaEFFINraye

    I love Jaz & all but SHE IS GETTING TOO GASSED!!!…Feelin herself too much

  • Sddinero

    not a fan of jaz and ..somebodys lettin these youtube/twitter fans gas her…she thinks she the best to ever do it or some shit just way over cocky

  • Stephthomas32

    Jazz, I kind of like you, but you are out of your rabbit ass mind, if you think you can battle Yung Ill. Please get over yourself. You need atleast 10 more battles before you even come close to battling any of those dudes on URL. Ms. Waters, Please sit your block head ass down!!!!

    • Jlovet000

      Thank you this chic is on major drugs if she think she can even step in the ring with young ill or rich dollars lol she might as well battle QP wack self lol battle of the over rated emcees 

  • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

    i want to see her and rich dolarz lmao . this chick smh she would get 4-0d in 3 rnds . 

  • AwhatzUp


    • Florida Boy

      im with u i just saw the headline i refuse to listen to her say some BS….Somebody need to tell this chic its a reason its a WNBA and Lingerie Football league…. and its a reason Carmelita Jeter dont run in the same heat as Bolt

    • Jonnyloops

       tell me about it fam

  • sc

    she ok looking, but Yung Ill and Rich would put her body in a body bag…

  • Jonnyloops

    jaz is so gassed yung ill get the fuck outa here you couldn’t beat ms hustle let alone yung ill he would merk u. i haven’t seen her battle with qb yet but i bet qb killed her i have seen all her other battles and qb’s other battles and qb comes with aggressive fire and has decisively beat all the people she has battled apart from maybe young gattas and most of jaz wins have been debatable she always comes with bare corny shit and the people she has beat were all wack so i don’t know how she thinks she is so good the only thing she is really good at is looking so fine.

  • Newera65

    she so sexy to me word

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NGYW3IQFB6JFNFDXKEK4VZYYHA DC

    Overrated on lyrics and looks. Jaz is a bird and her flow is boring.

  • http://twitter.com/iTweetRealPiff ★Ace Klub★

    All you niggas sound stupid as hell and ignorant..I can tell ya momma dont love ya’ll..lol..She shouldve swallowed all you..Jaz is nice and you never know what could happen..Hell people in the battle rap world still dabate between O Red and Ms. Hustle believe it or not..But ya’ll are just niggas with opinions and battle watchers..You niggas arent involved in the battle rap scene..

    • ghost

      shut the fuck up nigga that bitch is ass is no way she can beat yung ill or rich dollars  them niggas wouldn’t even take that battle


  • superedy

    she looks like a cool lil broad but shes def overhyped and promoted by url shes not all that

  • Sonny Pocketts

    bitch must got some get ass head……..young ill a kill u…u mite beat bitch dillas


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