DNA Drops a 1 Round Verse Getting at Everyone who’s on the SM3 Card ! Make sure u leave ya feedback and Follow him on twitter @dna_gtfoh



  • God Aweful

    He was spitting but can we retire all J.R. Smith bars?

  • Ltrain


  • Wale


  • Gee

    I dont fucc wit dna like that cuz I think he generic most of the time but he had some bars that was tough here ..he musta really felt hurt and wanted to prove “he a name with barz”

  • http://www.RUOfficial.com/ RUOfficialDOTcom

    Boooooo…. D.N.A, seriously, stop. I would respect this if it was a freestyle, but it isn’t… “Math-Matics” “FedEx” JR Smith… blah, blah… How about you stop with the generic ass punchlines and say something new… FOR ONCE. You deemed this dope enough to video blog it and mention names you are nowhere NEAR as creative as… I would rather see every name on this card battle everyday through next year before watching one more of your battles. SM3 is a great card, and finally filled with emcees who are hungry enough to perform (for the most part). Honestly, stick with KOTD, you don’t fit the URL field. Take your style back to the drawing board and come with something innovative. GHTFOHSMACK.

    • —MWD3

      shut your ass up fool

    • –ballgame uch

      Stfu idiot.

    • canin12

      Damn this fool must hate for a living, GTFOH

    • North

      Well, you do have a point. DNA is generic.

  • ohgod

    FIRE from DNA. DNA V Head Ice. Make it happen.


    smack fucking up… .

  • Nana Aboagye

    DNA is wack to me. I can come up with these bars he spittin and I aint even no battle rapper

    • —MWD3

      u wish

  • duke

    I guess he didnt say shine cause he killed him

    • Crage Notice

      I don’t think that’s why I think it’s because they already had a battle

  • Tank

    Tough !

  • sjerzcmd

    I like the names on the card, but I been sayin take math out and put dna in, dna is that nigga, I never saw math win one battle, dose destroyed that nigga, where he at?

    • God Aweful

      He beat Marv Won and Arsonal but yeah… That’s all I can think of right now.

      • brandon davis


        • DRE

          No one really saw that my nigga.


          he beat shotgun suge and dose too

      • canin12

        He lost to Arsonal

    • canin12

      he lost to arsonal


      lollllll. your a fuckin idiot. math killed every nigga he battled. he beat ars get off his dick, he killed marv and everyone he battled after calicoe and im not even that big of math fan

      • caniin

        math trash

        • Tim

          He beat Marv one, ayeverb, arsonal, trex, daylyt

        • %FR££.com

          U stupid if u think math beat gay verb, rex, or marv 1. I didnt c him vs daylyt tbut he did beat arsonal, battle was boring tho. Plus john john (da don #2) beat him. Rex beat him bad twice and he let gay verb beat him, hes trash dna wudda killd jones now that battle bout 2 b sooo boring

        • ms marjane

          john john got murrrrRRRrrkd by math. the day battle was bullshit, and he still beat day out. rex edge him out. he waxed marv. he beat hitman.. but the battle was ‘eh’. beat dose, beat suge.

    • DRE

      Are you fuckin high??

  • FAMP

    This was aight to me but every body can b on SM3.. But I DO NOT wanna see Serious Jones PERIOD..!!! He ain’t put in no “WORK”.

  • mitchbuchanan

    LOL nobody wants to point out he never mentioned K-Shine Hahaha…. should have called him out for a rematch

    • Wolfeman2433

      honestly he went in on K-shine…even at the end when he put on the beat listen clearly to what he was saying…k-shine was creative with the props but DNA brought straight raw LYRICS.

      • mitchbuchanan

        he got bodied tho…. but ill agree with you, If DNA battled anybody else it would have been close but he jus got K-shine on the wrong day

  • Spike

    NICE……. Hands down DNA is nice. I’ve watched him get better and better each time. This cat has put in a lot of work on camera. I think the top tier guys should sit back and not say one word. Watch everything unfold and be ready for the next event. They will call, but when they do, have your asking price. Know your self worth in this entertainment business. This is why Lux won’t budge….

  • Florida Boy

    He snapped, especially at the end

  • Guapo_ACE

    dam dna killed it

  • Art

    Just 4 that I change my mind dna should be on the card be4 a lot of them nigga’s, and please match the battles up better please. U already know who will when every battle. If u are a big smack fan like myself.


    this nigga dna sick… #1OFTHEbest

  • flipper773

    Here is the card that shoulda been on SUMMER MADNESS 3:
    Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don
    Cassidy vs Meek Mills
    Math Hoffa vs Murda Mook
    Swave Sevah vs Aye Verb
    Serious Jones Vs DNA
    Iron Solomon (Come back) vs Dizaster (No biaz)
    Lady Luck vs Ms Hustle

    I woulda brought a $300 dollar ticket for this!

    • DRE

      Real shit

    • nine5for

      u crazy if u think meek want anything to do with cassidy in a battle

      • North

        You’d rather have it in Detroit where they show absolutely no love to people from outside Detroit? Or in St L where they are equally as biased? NY is the most neutral, it’s a tourist spot, so it’s a mixed crowd. Learn.

        • nine5for

          shit why not in my home town miami

        • url judge

          Lmfaooo ny is not the most neutral, that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Smack would have done better having sm3 in miami or chicago

    • Seahawks206

      My SM3 card:Loaded vs Hollow Da Don
      Tsu Surf vs Murda Mook
      Hitman Holla vs Charlie Clips
      Calicoe vs T-Rex
      Swave Sevah vs Aye Verb
      Serius Jones vs DNA

      • Guest

        Fucks wit dis 2

        • guest

          I rather see b magic vs conceited den jones and dna doe but i fucks wit both of dem

    • logan

      my SM3 card would be
      hollow vs lux
      tsu surf vs hitman holla
      big t vs t rex
      b magic vs conceited
      verb vs swave
      clips vs chilla
      k shine vs reed $

      • Guest

        Best Card I seen in a while

    • Catlin Blackmac McMullen

      that something i would pay for

  • Debo Marks

    Damn, TELL’EM WHY U MAD SON!!!!

  • DRE

    DNA top 5 easy, smack fucked the churches money up.

  • Dnoize

    i think that sm3 card just doesnt sceam summer madness like it should maybe the legend thing wasnt gonna go down again but it sure as hell shouldnt go down like this

  • Set up tay roc vs DNA asap

  • gwvaio

    And that’s what it is right there man. Just some niggas salty they not on the card and missing out on that money. It’s an experiment. Let’s see how it goes.

  • Dr. Drain

    damn. he killed it

  • Dr. Drain

    $300 SM3 WORTHY CARD:

    O-RED V. MURDA MOOK (its only right since Red beat T-Rex)
    BIG T V. T-REX

  • brandonbowie77

    cant b no ball hog let somebody else shine,how we gonna no who the next top tier nigga if we keep seeing the same ones

  • Mr_RQQ

    Damn smack trippin, you dont got this dude on the SM3 card… shit bout to be trash

  • Macmar415

    You mad bro? Stop whining! Tired of these niggas and their blogs crying about bullshit. Real niggas don’t speak on their drama they just handle their business!

  • javalin

    my sm3 card would be real different from yall
    1. math hoffa vs murda mook
    2. hollow da don vs. loaded lux
    3. serius jones vs. x factor
    4. d.n.a vs. midwest miles
    5. tsu surf vs ill will
    6. ice pack ill vs. charlie clips
    7. calicoe vs t rex


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