Drake calls Conceicited “one of the illest ever”

Drizzy who is a true supporter of battle rap was  posted up in the club with Brooklyn battle rapper and “Wild n Out” cast member Conceited, whom he called “#OneOfTheIllestEver.”

source: http://www.vladtv.com/mobile/detail/173900/205939/


  • yo

    Listen drake is the biggest son of bitch !! Every niggas who respect this bitch, is a bitch too. Fuck drake he just another illuminati puppet

  • Normal Person

    I call Drake one of the gayest ever.

  • Young Espn RU Tucker

    That nigga is ass

  • http://RUOfficial.com/ Jamale J Jones

    lol.. and this BS was posted on URLTv why???

  • KingBKings

    2 soft niggas

    • North

      And how many kidnappings and murders have you caused?

      • KingBKings

        If that’s what you think makes a nigga tough good luck in jail you dumb ass nigga

  • Henry Xcels

    damn LMAO at the comments, yall all in yall feelings aint you. The hate is real I see, niccaz can’t even have they own opinion SMH I see alotta niccaz worried about another nicca, need to get on RNT str8 up

  • ferb420

    For once, I concur with drake. Con is ill. The comments are crazy, I think that yall dont like drake and just shot the whole shit down lol. I dont fuck with him either but fuck it.


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