Drake Writing A Response To Kendrick?

Hip-Hop Rumors:

Drake Writing A Deathblow

To Kendrick?

by illseed (@illseed) and OVOSeed August 15th, 2013 @ 6:58pm

I’m being told by sources that Drake is fuming mad about the whole Kendrick thingy. What some people fail to realize is before Kendrick dropped his now classic album, Drake put the lil homey on tour and exposed him to all of those fans. Basically, Drake helped Kendrick get his music out there, insiders are saying. What does that mean? Maybe there is a bit of a case of:

Yeah, basically…the hand got bit and bit badly!

Its all in the spirit of competition but some dudes are stewing. I’m hearing the same about Meek Mill, that he’s sitting tight til the time is right for him. For Drake, that time is sooner than later since he’s presently in the studio recording and has reason to promote the “beef” to sell some records. And, I know cats ain’t all on Drake with his light-skinned, singing ways, but he’s got bars when he wants. We can’t forget just this year.




  • Aubrey OVO

    Who wrote this article and said “thingy”. Childish ass nigga.

    • http://www.RUOfficial.com/ RUOfficialDOTcom

      hahahaha! You beat me to it!


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