• Ace Boon Coon

    am I the only nigga that skipped that bum ass nigga in the beginning…

    • Bthorpe

      Me too fam that nigga was garbage.
      Cream caught a body!

      • Ace Boon Coon

        wamp wamp im talking about the nigga that talked at the beginning that run the league they battled in

        • Bthorpe

          Oh my bad I still think cream won but that shit in the beginning I they could have left out I skipped it like 5 seconds in ha

    • Boogy

      Cream 3-0 that nigga easy!!

    • Ajaye Nezbit

      i made it 7 or so minutes in and realized it was a one round battle (which sucks imo) and had to skip…other dude wasn’t that dope either but had a much better delivery.

      • IamAdonLegend

        Yeah I have trouble deciding who won when both the battlers where mediocre. I expect better battles from people not on a major platform but where’s the hunger?

    • Lejos De Ficticia

      lmao hell naw everyone did

  • murlin

    haters be like…..the darkskin nigga behind steamz

  • Gunslinging Joe

    Skipped him too. And what’s with this nigga in the background with all the PDA?

  • RogerBliddack

    Awful crowd. Steams got his clock cleaned out. So his boys could not stop trying to talk all over Cream’s bars. Mad disrespectful & real ‘Sore loser’-ish.

    • Omega

      the crowd was alright

  • Greggylasek

    I aint gonna lie, Cream might be the next hollow the don…same style…hit me the same way the first time I heard him..hating ass niggas talking while he rapping take that other nigga off of the proving grounds he sucks..

  • Denley A.A.

    lmao the dude at the beginning enj….aint he the nigga that got aggravated n punched nycks in a battle for telling him ”oh u mad cause i’m styling on you”

    • Greggylasek

      Nah, math punched him…and they whooped him mercilessly

      • InTheClouds856

        Nah you talkin about Dose.

    • RogerBliddack

      Yup. Same ENJ from the infamous… “you mad cuz i’m styling on you” battle.

  • InTheClouds856

    Steamz feelings was hurt…and so was the little dark-skinded niggas behind him lol.

  • Streets Buchanon

    Cream caught a body dude is nice. I liked Steams but Cream was more polished and his bars hit harder

  • [email protected]

    I already knew cream was going to catch a body he hasn’t ate a nigga in a while send my nigga to the proving grounds and watch him kill a couple of them url niggas.

  • WTF!!??

    Steam is one sloppy ass nigga. Nigga make DNA looks like a million dollars. Somebody put a buck on his face and didn’t even care to finish the job. This nigga look like
    Yaphet Kotto in the face!!!

  • Bee Love

    I was in the building that and cream was killing steams so bad that security guard going crazy lol #TallestNiggaInDaBuilding

  • Gee

    Steams died

  • H’D

    steams choked and stil got him bar for bar. honestly. but barely

  • Ajaye Nezbit

    the first dudes hype men had me rollin…the first dude in the plaid was actin like he forgot it was just a battle…the other lil ugly dude tho kept hatin and makin ugly faces sayin, “that’s wack…that’s wack.” damn near every bar too…lol.

  • Unspoken Truth

    14:55 dis nigga faked a yawn…dis nigga loses for flopping on a yawn and baby sitting a gatorade

  • Anthony Daniels

    Easy win for Cream

  • https://soundcloud.com/mac_mar415 Mac_Mar415

    that nba scheme was tough tho

  • Johnny Jones

    Nothing Like Seeing Your Squads and The Opponent’s Face When They Know They Are loosing…

  • bigmacwhat1

    smack set the enj vs nicks up the rematch

  • BD

    Worda muda I almost cut dis shit off Cuz of da first Nigga. Glad I didn’t, cream kilt em’

  • hamza

    Cream’s flow is official. Nice smooth delivery with solid bars. If he bring a little more energy he can give some URL cats a run

  • Ionithus

    Battlin isn’t just about bars, it’s about a smooth delivery. Steams didn’t have that Cream murked him



  • retro1260

    Damnnn cream


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