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The Midwest massacre starts early with Go-Rilla Warfare dropping their first event for 2014. Catch Verb VS Sway, Magic VS JC, Ill VS Arsonal, Clips VS Hitman, DNA VS Young Kannon & Big-T VS BIG Kannon march 29th Chicago Illinois. @MZGRACIEBABY FOR MORE INFO


  • Andre Harris

    Gorilla Warfare ain’t playing. All the battles from the last event so far have been dope. Hopefully it ain’t just one rounders. This is a straight URL card, should be co-hosted. Swave finally getting that Aye Verb match.

  • Gee

    TOUGH CARD..UW and Gorilla Startin the year crazy

  • outlaw213

    Go-Rilla is going crazy man Arsonal vs yung ill, young kannon vs Dna, aye verb vs swave sevah, and then for the battle for Chicago they have Big t vs Big Kannon, aye im going

  • H’D

    i like this card yo. i got young kannon, b magic(clear 3-0), yung ill(barely), aye verb, clips(barely), and big t(edging barely) getting wins that night

  • TipOfTheIceberg

    The card got fucked up. If you look on Big Kannon’s twitter on Nov 17the the card was this:

    BigTvs Kannon
    Holla vs Clips
    Verb vs Swave
    Magic vs JC
    Chilla vs JJDD
    Ill Will vs YK

    I think Ill Will Vs YK would have been a much better battle and JJDD Vs Chilla woul make a battle battle IMO than Ars/YungIll

  • Shawn Deestro Hughes

    go-rilla keep sum good shit im there


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