Ghostface Killah Announces New Album, ’36 Seasons’ Dropping In December


Ghostface Killah announced that he will be dropping a new album titled 36 Chambers on Dec. 9 via Salvation/Tommy Boy Records.

The album’s beats were handled by Brooklyn production team and band The Revelations along with contributions fromThe 45 King, Fizzy Womack of M.O.P. and more. Guests include rappers AZ, Kool G. Rap and Pharoahe Monch as well as crooners Rell and Tre Williams.

The Wallabee Champ’s project will be arriving exactly a week after Wu-Tang Clan’s release of their new album, A Better Tomorrow.

Check out the tracklist for for 36 Chambers on the flip, and check out the first single from the album, “Love Don’t Live Here No More,” below.

‘36 Seasons’ track list:
1. The Battlefield [GFK / Kool G Rap / AZ / Tre Williams]
2. Love Don’t Live Here No More [GFK / Kandace Springs]
3. Here I Go Again [GFK / AZ / Rell]
4. Loyalty [Kool G Rap / Nems]
5. It’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate [The Revelations]
6. The Dog’s of War [GFK / Shawn Wigs / Kool G Rap]
7. Emergency Procedure [GFK / Pharoahe Monch]
8. Double Cross [GFK / AZ]
9. Bamboo’s Lament [Kandace Springs]
10. Pieces of the Puzzle [GFK / AZ]
11. Homicide [GFK / Nems / Shawn Wigs]
12. Blood in the Streets [GFK / AZ]
13. Call My Name [GFK]
14. I Love You For All Seasons [The Revelations]

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