SMACK/ URL Affiliate GO-RILLA WARFARE teams up with midwest battle culture powerhouse Black Ice Cartel for a MC Battle event of epic proportions known as “Awakening” . The event takes place on Saturday October 19th at Adrianna’s 16300 Dixie Highway Markham, IL . The card is stacked with some of the biggest names in the culture such as DNA, Charlie Clips, Big Kannon, Midwest Miles, Cortez, Chilla Jones, JC, Danja Zone, Mickey Factz and more. Tickets are available now and can be purchased at www.theawakening19.eventbrite.com. To keep up with the latest in MC Battle Culture subscribe to our channel www.youtube.com/Theurltv and follow us @URLTV


  • joose

    yo… how you put x in a scope likethat?

    • yogi

      Great wasn’t it, Clips bodied XFactor….

  • bread

    Yo, Go-rilla warfare got a tuff card, a full trailer, and a month of promo? (In Conceited voice) Smack is lookin shakey baaabeeeeeeyyy!

    • Logic

      …and yet the only reason you know about it, is because it gets posted on the URL site? Yeah, exactly.

      • killajing

        haha good one

      • CHUCKP 317 MOFO


    • Hubert DeRavin

      Lmfao yooooooooo

  • Henry Xcels

    This card potentially can be the best event of the year BIG UPS black Ice Cartel.. SM3 was a bust, NOM3 was a bust, lets get some bars poppin!!!

  • Airdome

    This fat nigga bitches about smack underpaying him..but then goes to chicago and battle JC for 1500

    • BuckShit

      yeah… cuz hes getting paid you dumb nigga? last time i checked $1500 is more than nothing

  • Macmar415

    If Cortez loses he better retire and focus on music or something.

  • Andre Harris

    Mickey Factz battling OH SHITTTTTTTT!

  • 313kev

    that nigga yk a funny nigga chilla might put us to sleep in this battle lol

  • ScottyPimpen33

    Chilla changed

    • strange wordplay

      Chilla used to be more laid back and humble he starting to talk shit now Lol I like it tho but yk ain’t no slouch let’s see what happens

  • WTF?

    yall nigga crazy for putting mickey factz in the ring with danga HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH NIGGA DEAD!! ZONE 3-0 before the coin toss

    • TFOH

      You have NO CLUE!!! Zone won’t win a ROUND! For those of you who DON’T know MF….you WILL after this battle! LOLOLOL….just wait….. This is going to be murder in the 1st! I hope you niggas are ready to HEAR SOME SHIT….this is aint gradeschool bars….LOLOLOLOLOL Niggas will be sayin FUCK Hollow…..MF vs Lux !!!! It would be like each is batling himself! THAT’S how nice Factz is!

      • WTF?

        Mickey…. is that you? hahhahahahahAHAHAH!

      • strange wordplay

        How u goin compare mickey to. to loaded?? He no where as lyrical smfh yeah he had some good bars prepared for bigt but you never even heard bigt bars?Anybody can spit good when they not infront of a opponent mickey wasn’t even in front of a crowd he was on thephone smh trust me all that shit changes when you in front of a crowd of people and somebody spitting back.. I got danger winningthis one sorry

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/mikeskills Mikeskills

    I just like too see dope match-ups no matter what league and the fact that Smack post these links on his site for us thats respect

  • Razor

    So Mickey…. You duck Big T to battle Danja Zone…………………………….

    • TFOH

      NO….get the story str8!!!

      • TFOH

        The BUSINESS wasn’t right! Don’t go making shit up! He already spit his first rd for T….it wouldn’t have been pretty for T…..BELIEVE ME when i tell you!!!!

  • rexchap

    I dont think niggas KNOW what Mickey Factz is about! This nigga is on some LUX TYPE SHIT! Them niggas are, i won’t say ALIKE, but i will say SIMILAR on how they put paper to pen! Danja Zone has NO FUCKIN CHANCE! NO FUCKIN CHANCE! BIg T is SOOOOOO lucky that match didn’t go down! Jeezus, it woulda been UGLY for T

    • rexchap

      i meant PEN to PAPER

      • rexchap

        Hope you Chi town niggas have your thinking caps on when Mickey SPITS

  • niyon

    Looks like a very good card…looks like bars galore!!! Cortez seems like he would be a cool cat to hang with seems like a real dude but who the HELL has he beaten??????? The man stay getting battles but I’ve never seen him win….lol but to answer myself I’ve never seen him not come prepared either so I can cee why he always gets on

  • blogger


  • GTA5

    Clips vs J C, now u starting to think…..



  • jon

    jc vs clips…woooooooooooooooooooooo.. this really might be the battle of the year

  • Smooth Bobby DeNiro

    This card is epic….

  • Hubert DeRavin

    I’m in Japan I’m bout to fly back to watch tha shit…. Crazy card


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