• FAMP

    YK is in beast mode.. All he needs to do is slow down.. boy got barz.. YK all day..

    • Ril Harris

      why slow down?

      • vapaperboi .

        cus he needs to..k shine another 1 who needs 2 slow down and calm down he’ll sound much better, the bars and punchlines will be more clear

  • WTF!

    Chilla you took the wrong angle trying to match kannons pen game with punches and metaphors when you should have been exploiting his performance flaws and street cred. We all know you can scheme my nigga, but you didn’t really put on much of a show let alone come out the box with anything new.I was expecting more…smh

  • Murlin

    chilla sound like he need to blow his nose

    • hamza

      It’s probably called cocaine #smh

    • vapaperboi .

      or he bout to cry

  • thrillz

    damn Cortez taking shots from young kannon shit looking shaky Baby

  • Wowie

    Chillas lines & effx between 19:43 – 19:53… that is all!

  • Skinny Redd

    YK took this one

  • thatdude

    chilla got this. idk what yal talking

  • namesoverbars

    When autum fall they leaves in a bag but i aint rakin shit

    • hamza

      When all them/autumn fall* 😉


    need more rounds classic they both went in

  • Jasko

    man u guys are retarded Chilla got this EASY

  • goonondeck74

    yk got another one, he punch too hard

  • goonondeck74

    and I fuck with chilla but yk did more

  • Andre Harris

    Every battle from this event so far has been really good.

  • GuestwithacapG

    Chilla spazzed on that nigga.

  • Michael Knight

    mane yk got that!

  • Go

    1 round battles should be banned. Chilla.

  • myian barnes

    I want to edge it to YK but Chilla was impressive! too close to call, I won….shouts to both artists, I appreciate the work

  • rexless82

    Yooo this was a classic 1 rd but wish they did 3 rds :/ still both put in a clinic with bars an punches an scheme an flow N crowd control an flawless the whole vs I would vote draw lol.. both had that fire for real… will watch again to see who to vote for be back later

  • Nolies357

    The intro musik sucks..Yezzus!

  • Tookey

    I love the fact that i have to watch chilla shit like 3 times to get it, every time i watch his battles something else hits me like damn that was a hot bar. O ya, chilla edged it in my book but if you gave it to cannon thats cool. debateable battle.

  • clash

    young Kannon is a beast for real! but he needs to slow down meshing his punches I was exhausted listening to him.Chilla was crazy coulda been better but I still edged it to him. #Chilla

  • dude707

    chila a boring ass dude…sometimes I feel like hes retarded ..yk took this easy

  • Joe Bell

    chilla jones my nigga but yk got this one

  • barondebxl

    Debatable. I got YK though. Good fucking battle.

  • SemInitial

    I don’t care how aggressive YK is…his delivery is boring to me.

  • mrkj

    when that fo ring in the front u better be outty…. bars… when that four ring in the front you better be audi.. come on yall yk barred that nigga chilla was fresh tho kinda thought he was gonna get bodied but he didnt great battle wish there were more rounds…

    • emanon

      that’s AUDI..champ!

      • Unspoken Truth

        !0-4 Stolen RHYME…..mR. wAVY uSED THAT Line Already….. mr. wavy vs, ahdi boom skip to 33.30

  • Florida Boy

    good work by both but im going with YK he finished so fuckin strong

  • AxleProse


  • Henry Xcels

    Best Battle I seen on URL in a minute…IDK who to edge it to, Prob have to watch like 5 more times….YK so nasty wit the punches, schemes, delivery, just everything but chilla wordplay, schemes, and punches be so hard its hard to call. About time a CLASSIC battle dropped fa real, this what the culture needs, that hunger and dedication to the craft to perfect the art to keep people interest. BIG UPS to both YK and Chilla tho frfr

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Choppa sound like das Efx crazy. YK came with flames

  • Brock

    Go-Rilla Warfare has put on another classic……Replay value EAZY!! Yk’z Das EFX bar was so mean then Chilla with the pedophile swag and raking leaves line….gotta watch again!!

    • Brock

      Can’t forget YK’z Shotz at Cortez…..bodybag barz!!

  • ferb420

    Yo they both came with that shit and I respect it. Young Kannon won this one in my opinion.

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ JAWZ


  • flipper773

    Damn them kannons aint no joke. On a killin spree

  • Streets Buchanon

    Chilla roasted YK bar for bar it was a massacre dont get me wrong YK was not whack but lets be real here

  • pimpin slimm

    Gracie had a real nice solid card…….Good shit!!

  • emanon

    YK edged it bars with the performance…i don’t think that I would want to hear Chilla two more rounds..both went in though

  • Unspoken Truth

    if any of u looked at this battle once and voted than ur vote is void…imma have to give this close one to chilla he finally made the proper adjustments…nigga wit ths sound effects was on point i like YK but he needs to slow down a lil and chill with the screaming

  • Unspoken Truth

    and im still not a fan of the one rounders Gracie Get Ya Money up and pay for 3 rounds

  • Raythekid85

    what the f*ck did i just watch man they both went in crazy.. this definitely needed 3 full rounds great battle a tie to me i need more

  • kasai smith

    Chilla’s voice annoys my freakin life away. I can’t even hear the bars.

  • unknown

    ‘ jerome if you rap the same tonight i swear to god you gona see the sky you rap filler but put in a scheme as a weak disguise. so what you rap complex i come for contact you can keep them rhymes why go overhead when a kill shot is between the eyes’ come on… chilla was deep but real talk yk went ham

  • Hella

    Get yk on that on the next card smack!!!!!!!!!!

    • Omega

      nobody wanna see that n!gga

  • niyon

    AGAIN STOP ALLOWING PERSONAL FEELING SWAY YOUR JUDGEMENT OF WHO WINS BATTLES!!!! These battle rappers do nothing for you personally knock the bs off!!! Chilla won easily anyone saying otherwise just does not like chilla style point blank YK is ass he always has a couple bars but majority of his shit is lame

  • Wonder’s Photographyy

    chilla is my favorite battle rapper, but this is too close to call. However, i’m leaning towards yk. I don’t care who the fuck YK was battling, he would of killed um with that performance. For chilla to still make this debatable after that yk’s round was impressive. Chilla stepped his shit up big time, still my fav. Yk went nutz though…. thats chilla sister scheming line was the feather that tipped the scale. classic yk wins.

  • hamza

    Nice battle, classic. Both defo put on and had memorable performances for sure. Cats be sleeping in YK but I been trying to tell ppl he nice, mate he just raps to fast for sum if the weed heads. Chilla always ha eye beat battles bc opponents know they can sleep on him or get ambulanced quick. YK was solid, but think Chilla edged this by a small bit with some of those how the hell he think of that bars. Good battle

  • Rodney Mann II

    This event is SHYTTTTIIIINNNGGGGG on summer madness….times 12!

  • Thomas

    this battle was straight but the crowd didn’t really seem like they were catching Chilla’s punches. YK was more direct. This battle is debatable, depends on what you like over the head bars or direct punches

  • hackgost

    Chilla got this one… 1-0 lol..

  • ReeseG

    Chilla is a fuckin problem

  • James Beadle Jr

    Damn he came and killed you blood!!!….

  • InTheClouds856

    Damn chilla is a problem for real. YK went in too tho. This whole event was a classic, in general.

  • ibbysworld504

    Im a fan of both chilla and yk but yk its just stupid he can scheme his punchlines retarded and nobody can beat him at stage performance yall niggas crazy if cant see yk won he go beast mode even in his losses nigga think swave destroyed him bjt he still spazzed check that second round. Yk all day nigga lets go.

  • Rome

    YK swung harder imo. Great battle nonetheless.

  • Kingjaffe01

    Yo the damn gun shots be scaring the hell out of me lol! That shit look like it scared the hell out of Chilla too @18:30! That nigga duck down, looked around before he spit his bars again lol!

  • Anonymous

    IMO…. All one round battles are debateable


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