• Juice

    anyone care?

  • ohgod

    i haven’t even watched miles’s round but DNA got dis. 3-0.

  • FAMP

    DNA.. now contest..

  • Brock

    Best I’ve heard dna in a hot minute……Miles barz were hot, 4 years ago!!


      i agree that was the best i ever seen dna perform

    • dasher

      yeah DNA did good this time. He is learning. He stopped all that fast filler shit. He is slowing down and letting his shit flow out right.

  • ReeseG

    Both shit was weak

  • Robert Riley

    Thank goodness the next event are 3 rounds, cant stand 1 rounders only in very rare occasions there are good 1 rounders like Rex vs Yung Ill but the downfall if its really good you wanna see more either way they suck no more one rounders please.

  • red rifle

    DNA is hot trash..boring ass battle.. i lost for watching this shit

    • therealestcritic


  • Gods-demon

    I think he should go back to yung miles he been ass since he changed his name maybe he had a ghostwriter

  • ADC

    Gorilla warfare had the best card of the year all dope battles.

  • Verno

    “If a b**** said she had DNA in her….she was raped”
    That was a line provided by X-Factor…I’d bet a weeks pay on it.

    • Tookey

      I was thinking the same thing

    • InTheClouds856

      Lol word!

    • gwvaio

      lol gotdammit ever since you said that I’m thinking all Miles hot lines are from X.

    • Antwan


  • InTheClouds856

    Some niggas just NEED 3 rounds. If you can’t be consistently hot we get bored wit ya ass and you need a couple minutes to think about how you can come back stronger the next round. Let’s keep the 1 rounders to niggas who consistently hit hard. This ain’t workin.

  • rogerhayes1993

    DNA is back miles sucks

  • nate

    DNA is so hit or miss for me. I respect the guy for taking anyone anywhere .Some battles he blows me away (chilla jones, charron, eurgh) and other ones he just bores me (k shine, pass). He has this 4-bar set up flow that starts to feel predictable after a while just because you know exactly when to expect a punch. Only after 7 minutes does DNA loosen up and start spitting that shit. That’s the DNA I look for.
    Between their next card in Chicago and uw’s card next month 2014 gonna be a great year for the fans.

    • North

      Chilla jones wiped the floor with him.

  • dboy3

    That lil night DNA hard as fuck fuck what u n iggas say

  • Lavonte Alcybreed Jackson

    Can we plz trade dna for 1 of dem pG niggas lol

  • Gee

    “i wanted a shooter but you to small for it why Wud Dey give D miles”
    crowd : Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    this wat I’m talking bout wit clips and dna cookie cutter bars..lazy setup wit garbage punchlines..shit not crazy or too hard to think off let alone creative

  • Fernando Morales

    DNA put on a show. Stop it after a few bars from miles. Time to do something else for him. DNA a top dog in this game

  • k2gees

    DNA needs to switch it up. Same concept….bar name flip…punch…bar punch name flip. Same thing we saw against Pass(words). Come on DNA. He is falling off. I think it is impressive that he can freestyle. I actually thought Midwest Miles held his own. Well crafted round.

  • TFOH

    This was ASS



  • Ty Jones

    Miles do comedy , ur funny as shit! But ur bars are avo …..

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Miles nursery rhymes were cute. The crowded had him gassed. DNA COOKED HIM

  • Florida Boy

    DNA freestyle game was on point and he finished his round strong like u pose to…Miles wasnt bad tho it was a decent battle

    Niggas wanna be all on stage hype and shit until a freestyle bar hit em and knock all the cool out they posture LOL

  • DollarBill

    DNA killed this guy! Miles still stuck in that 09 flow! He was ridiculously boring! Miles hang it up my nigga it’s over for u! Just help the new niggas in ur area come up! Son them school them but don’t RAP!!

  • Andre Harris

    This was a good battle fuck y’all talking about. DNA was on his shit and Midwest Miles is back. I gave the battle to DNA overall but Midwest Miles did have some haymakers like that Serious Jones bar and the DNA rape bar.

  • WTF?

    Both these niggas is washed up…

  • #TeamBenNYBlank0

    DNA all day

  • GuestwithacapG

    This was a decent battle.

  • Kiddddo

    See all y’all that know nothing about free style would say DNA lost. When you can incorporate everything around you metaphorically to clown a nigga, you cannot beat that. DNA won this one.

  • brollick

    best dna all year. anybody could have wrote miles’ bars they were too weak.

    • Ace Boon Coon

      wipe your mouth

      • brollick

        as brock said miles bars were hot…..4 years ago


    dna caught that body bag!! EARLY miles wasnt that bad though

  • Julz2

    DNA won but not by a landslide. He only do good against street niggas or at least the one’s who spit bars like that sometimes. Miles tried to bully DNA but the bars were to weak. Decent battle though.

  • muta

    youll must b young ass newjack fans midwest went in give a niggas some props damn.newark stand up.i even mumble tough!!


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