GO-Rilla Warfare | The Crown Trailer

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  • Esickfuckingboy

    This shit gon be crazy yall!! Dope ass card cant wait for this shit to come my nigga DNA gon kill this dude!! He Is Not Ready so GET HIM THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!!!Big T gon put that nigga on a box!!!!! QUIET!!!!

  • 80 raider

    Swave got 3 Oed from Raw, he got something to prove. YES! even with the choke Raw won every round. Verb is Verb but what Verb we gonna see? Is it the Verb that saw Charlie or is it the Verb that beat Hollows ass. Yung Ill had a very debatable so-so battle with Kshine, he got something to prove but Arsonal is the wrong one to try to prove something too, this is the same Ars that beat Hollow and he hasn’t missed a beat since. BigT vs BigK that’s gonna be legendary, it can go both ways. Don’t sleep on BigK. Bmagic vs JC classic but both coming off losses, should be a good one. Clips vs Hitman one word AMAZING. Dna is gonna have to change his style up some what, that you not ready shit is lame and YK is no joke if he slows his cadence down, where people can catch what he is saying. This event will be bigger than the Lux Hollow battle.

    • Streets Buchanon

      Wayyyyyy bettter card

  • URL stan

    Card is type Mean….JC vs magic Dna vs Yk bar for bar might be the craziest….swave vs verb yea it’s years late but should be mean…..big T better not take kannon light he want that crown….clips vs Hitman enuff said

  • Brixxxx

    I Got
    DNA slightly
    Magic By A Hair, Literally But With JC Dats Gon Be A Bar Fest
    IDC Who Wins Ars And Yung ill There Both Boring To Me
    Swave, Verb Is Boutta Get All The Frustration Swave Been Holdin In All These Years Of Niggas Ducking Him
    Clips 2-1 (Cant Wait To See That, Might Be Battle Of The Night!!!!)
    Big T And Big Kannon Idc Who Wins Cause Ima Win With That Battle, Classic I’m Calling It


    Sick Promo!! Gorilla Warfare puts in that work….Salute!!

  • niyon

    Battle of the night will be JC vs Magic. But that Clips vs Holla is going to be crazy!!!!! The barsb they picked for the promo arent even some of the best from these artists. Predictions JC 2-1 in a CLASSIC..Clips 2-1 debatable Verb 2-1 debatable Arsonal 2-1 DNA-YK boring no one wins lol Big T 3-0 edges ever round closely

  • ojam

    ohh shiiiiiit

  • Omz

    Swave already punching in the trailer ‘if god ain’t writing for u ,you dying nigga’.

  • Dr. Drain

    YK is ass!!!


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