Goodz- “Another lost Drinker”

Goodz is back with another hilarious blog. Claims that every time He’s drunk, he hear’s Lux voice


  • ferb420

    Lol DNLux

  • Spyda

    yo dnlux snap

    look at me king

  • belikeike

    DNA killed shit, got Lux down pat.

  • Jay

    That was funny as shit!!!

  • Grindmode

    wooooooow i knew dna can switch it up….cant deny his talent bruh

  • Just Jay.R

    Dna’s best verse in years lmao

  • fam

    dna get that 3-0

  • Jamal

    damn that was official..DNA why dont you add some of that material to your battles..instead of the old setups you always do…them lyrics was better than your last 14 battles combined

    • ms marjane

      im sayin!!!

    • Manuel

      Muthafuckin WORD!!!

    • Supamanx2

      True shit!!!! Trash that old GT style


    put a fucking battery in that smoke detector tho.

  • ohgod

    TRASH. Not remotely funny.

  • rexchap

    DNA went the fuck OFFFFFFFFFF

  • Manuel

    Sober niggas don’t sleep!!!! LMAO

  • Anthony Chapman

    I never seen lux immediate you DNA, why water down that mans work, which was original , something that lacks In this sport, anybody can imitate someone. I should be next instead of mook , and u trash nigga

    • Anthony Chapman

      U should be next,

  • Bob


  • JAWZ

    battle rap is now a comedy show, FUCKING GAYS!!!!!

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Shit was tight lux is somewhere shaking is head

  • donrob

    They some fools for this shit lmao


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