Goodz – “Pound Cake” (Freestyle)


  • Hubert DeRavin

    Real barz go head boy do yo thang… The truth… Those barz about smack was on point they should’ve started a label and out real artist.

  • Cozzo36

    Usual wack rubbish goodz barz. He look like an engineer with a cookie fetish!!! Trash rapping is back!!!

  • Justice714


  • Ray


  • JustMyOpinion


  • Bezo

    BX Stand Up

  • starks

    finally a hot track from goodz ,

  • Hood Movies

    Yeah Goodz lets go, FUCK THE INDUSTRY, and thats how all of the Battle rappers should be on it. fuck the buddying up with niggas, no. how you think JAY DMX and everyone else from that era, got on. they wasn’t trying to be buddies with each other. till this day Jay and Big was goin back and forth WITH EACH OTHER. on that Brooklyn finest track.

  • dj kindu

    This shit is basic,nothing original…


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