Goodz Predicts Jaz vs Hustle as the Best SM3 Battle – Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes caught up with Goodz behind-the-scenes at Summer Madness 3 and spoke to him about his thoughts and predictions for the controversial card. Even though Goodz did acknowledge that he believes the “big names” are needed for an event of that magnitude, he still supported the battlers on the card and stated that he thinks “the battles are gonna be excellent.” He made this statement prior to the event officially beginning.

Goodz predicted Jaz vs Ms. Hustle and Big T vs O-Red to be the best battles of the night, however most fans who were there acknowledged Tay Roc vs Ill Will as the best battle of the night, however both Jaz vs Hustle and O-Red vs Big T were very entertaining. He wasn’t really looking forward to T-Rex vs Calicoe however that turned out to be a very good battle as well. Goodz then announced that he has the footage from his battle vs Jae Millz being released soon, and spoke on other music projects he is working on for the future including an all-freestyle mixtape.

He hoped to see Daylyt vs Swave Sevah’s battle since both competitors looked very ready at the event and stated that he just hoped a fight didn’t break out on stage. However ironically enough, Swave and Daylyt never got to battle because Math Hoffa and Serius Jones got into a fight on stage during their battle which shut down the event around 1am.

Following this, Daylyt nearly got into a fight with Smack and his crew outside of Stage 48 and later Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes and cameraman Ellis Flynn caught up with an understandably Daylyt for an exclusive interview. Serius Jones released two blogs following his fight with Math Hoffa, one showing off his undamaged face, and another explaining the fight in detail from his perspective. Meanwhile Math has also released a lengthy blog apologizing for his actions and also explaining his day and the events that lead up to the fight occurring. Twitter also erupted in a frenzy with many battle rap personnel discussing the unfortunate events that took place at Summer Madness 3.



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