In this segment Goodz gives his Summer Madness 4 predictions and explains why he hasn’t done a Summer Madness yet.



  • barondebxl

    Brad got the best recaps.

  • Booze Willis

    This was absolutely terrible.  How many times can you say the word “crazy” w/in 16 min?  And did u really spend a cpl minutes explaining the difference between Mexican and Puerto Rican…no one cares.  This was trash

    • Grnharris3

      Pussy shut your bitch ass up. Dude gave a good ass recap which he didnt have to do and you actin like half a homo over some dumbshit that didnt have nothin to do with the battles. “oh he explaining the difference between a mexican and a purtorican, I gotta go take my tampon out now.’ Kill yourself bitch nigga. 

      • Booze Willis

         Yeah, tell him not too.  This recap was sh!t.  I’d rather not know until a year later when SMACK drop the battles.  Nice tampon quote…u steal that from heartless??? GTFOH!!

    • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

      they need to stop putting out these recaps before the video drops . because this guy works for smack and is sort of giving smacks judgement on a battle that is not judged , that makes 90% of the fanboys actually follow the opinion before they see the battle

      • bigmeat

        my dong so long i need a custom clothes maker. fuck damn i cant even wear knco shorts. damn hoes goin cray

      • Brad Butter Tuitt

        lmaooo i never worked for smack a day in my life i met him for the first time at this event .. so stop talking what you dont know lol 

        • 8====D~~~~(.)(.) = babies

          ok u dont work for smack u  work with smack . we talking systematics now ? lol i respect ur shit btw .. peace

  • Manny DeVault

    John John is just unlikable, thats why the crowd wasnt going crazy. Dude has been on a ego trip since begging his way on to Summer Madness 2

    • Ausberto Orozco

       Not true at all. I talk to him almost everyday on twitter and he is not ego trippin. Stop making shit up bruh.

  • pastorcomics

    good recap man… and that nike hoody is flames!

    • Brad Butter Tuitt

      thanks bro FOOTLOCKER $60 lol

  • heronboys

    this recap is shitty son. wait til the battles drop then recap em son. we be sick of that shit smack. i dont get why u do this. but on another note i gotta get back to some pussy i just bagged today. my ex told her my dick big as fuck and now her friends wanna get on dat shit son.. 418 ridas eastside stay high heronboys all day son!


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