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1. Swave Sevah vs Rosenburg Raw
2. Aye verb vs Ah Di Boom
3. Goodz vs Danja Zone
4. Big Kannon vs T money Bagz
5. Bonnie godiva vs Dutchess
6. Flamez vs Bones Brigante
7. Ooops vs Blu Ray


  • http://ultimaterapleague Galvanized Rap Fan

    Sometimes I do really despise just how bias the crowds in ny are. I mean Goodz has tremendous presence and delivery, and exudes a rare degree of confidence and charisma in battle rap, but lyrically, bar for bar, I got daNger zone winning that, by a long shot. The bias even extends to the production as well with that little goodz homage at the end, ain’t that a bitch!

    • Biasednyer

      There are certain battle rappers that Nyers will be biased for. Loaded lux, T. rex k shine goodz , head ice , swave sevah. What they all have in common besides being from n.y. Is the n.y.c. Culture where hip hop originated. It takes a lot more to be a mc than bars alone. Bars-culture-schwag=kot#

      • scarfo

        just barz dont win battles cuz, take like boxing he can hit hard but hard and no stamina you need more than just

      • Anonymous

        how do u forget to mention charlie clips…..even if hes on his sike i lied shit, they wont say nothing

      • dmo

        goodz killed that nigga

    • tommyboy183

      Did we see the same battle? I don’t think so. Even danja zone said he lost. How you dick ride someone so hard that you got them winning when they say they lost. Goodz beat headice, hollow, conceited, hitman leave without yo hands. Danja was clearly shook, in the presence of a real nigga. Goodz speaks that real shit, your can tell he’s not acting.

      • Remley

        This nigga said goodz beat hollow! nigga on that shit!

      • Anonymous

        how could you possibly say Goodz beat Hollow..he clearly lost noooo debating!

    • jawz

      So! let me ask you this, who you think won in the clips vs surf battle?

    • A.R.P.

      ppl are welcome to their opinons, but when you say false shit thats a different story. zone was offered a music slot at the end of the battle and declined because he is chillin on music right now. lets soeak facts!

    • Acebooncoon

      Stop smoking cook up my nigga

    • donsawyer

      it seems like Goodz be talking when he rap —- Jay Z— A+
      its not what u say its HOW you say it ——- T Rex — A+
      are all eyes on you when you walk in the room —– Phara funeral—- A+
      Then there’s what you call, the perfect rhyme, (ESSAY) —- KRS-1″My philosophy” –
      Danja has been ESSAYed…

    • real talk


    • longjank



      them niggaz was fucked up how they hated on zone shit. i personally never give a fuck about a nigga swag on stage. thats for the bitches. give me bars or quit battle’n. the more y’all let these niggaz slide without bars battle rap gone be for niggaz like 50 tyson and shit. remember i said that. peace!!!

  • vigalantee

    tie hate one rounders,zone had bars and goodz had presence

  • nine5for

    goodz got that, but d-zone was nice

  • Canin

    Danja zone destroyed goodz. Gods bars are complete trash. He has way too much arrogance for such a subpar bars. Bady bag for Danja zone. Too easy, goodz get your bars up!!!!!

    • Truth

      REAL SHIT!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    sorry I am a danja fan but he looked and sounded nervous like the stage was to big he need more prep goodz killed him… weak show by zone

  • Malik216

    I wouldn’t say the crowd was bias, it just shows you what they are looking for. danja was nice to a bar fan, but goodz was nice to anyone with eyes and ears. danja was shook for some odd reason, and goodz really did seem right at home. goodz is wack but really can rap if that makes any sense lol. He would be the battle rapper that transitioned to being a likable artist.

  • streets

    Goodz won cant just bring bars

  • Dude

    Goods killed that nigga

  • maccnaiin60

    goodz kill dat man

  • Page

    it’s like playing basketball, football or any type of sport, you come with a strategy. for different opponents you must come with a different game plan. i love lyrics just like the next person but you must sale it to you audience as well. Goodz did that for me, he didn’t have crazy bars but he spoke of what he knew from experience and sorry to say it but thats real bars!!!!! Goodzwon hands down, danja zone walked into that knowing he was going to get roasted, replay his round!

  • muta

    no one on the corner got swager like us,that quote sticks to this battle like a tree,but it still was a tie,cause bars is still what hip hops about,do that make sense?!…..YESSSS!!!!!

  • Florida boy

    Damn the crowd act they wasnt allowed to cheer for danja….thats crazy he had some fire too….Goodz had some tough moments, overall good 1 rounder in my book

  • moemoney

    Yo goodz got smoked… that crowd pissed me off… come on .. I skipped steps loke omar epps after tyra got shot…flames.. (no crowd love)… goodz is..mediocre.. in my best Richard Sherman voice…lol

  • Spike

    Good job danja,but goods experience separated the two. Goodz Gmb was on fire. This is the Goodz I wanna see from now on…

  • Anonymous

    Dana zone said he lost himself during the interview ” goods styled on me, but I learned a lot and I’m ready now”

  • Belly of the beast

    Danja got talked to bad goodz is a diff breed

  • kit

    a tad bit bias but experience got goods this one

  • RealerDealer

    Danja zone need to be on grindtime forcin them suburban ass barz we dont believe u nigga!

  • carlton dream

    thats called getting beat by presence alone! it can be overwhelming whereas everything he says is amplified because his delivery is smooth. so when a punch do hit it moreso makes you laugh and smile rather than be like oooooh. its just different.

  • Ehd4

    Come on danja zone got cooked that shit was embarrassing. He had bars but no delivery, aggression or stage presence. He don’t look comfortable in his own skin. And it be cuz he fat there’s mad fat battle rappers. He just look off like he don’t believe what he’s spitting. He got bars but he need work. Goodz wins

  • Anonymous

    Danja looked like he was bout to cry at the end smh. Eyes mad watery like his feeling was hurt. Lol “everyone in class was laughing at me”

  • AXE_takeovermuzik

    goodz cooked the boi eazily and i cant stand goodz….damn danja got cooked

  • lylez123

    tell me goodz didnt do the charlie clips sike i lied nigga bullshit? they both went in but i cant fuck with these bias crowds. kotd is killin url

  • grindmode

    that was no url crowd…. they wasnt fucking with danja from the beginning… even if danjas performance was a bit off….but i guess he shoulda know that and do even better, goodz had some corny jokes too…your pocket stink, foreal?..all in all its not just about bars right, but this was a prime example of a bias crowd. Danja lost steam, because they showed him no love. perfect situation for the opponent to show off, with the home field advantage… got ppl screamin bx n all… always try to make the person with the home field advantage go first, best you can do bruh….!!!!

  • url Stan

    Danja Still a pG battler an goodz still mediocre…BotH lost!

  • haitiansensation

    that is exactly what i mean by crowd reactions give you an automatic w. danja lost his flow and the performance was not there he showed that he still belong in the pg goodz was not spitting nothing but still won .

  • tycarterbk

    Wow Danja killed this dude

  • I’M DaT NiGGA

    Yo goodz if you see this, I’ve been a fan since i seen your battle with head ice. you need to come with this same level (and maybe a little bit more) to a three round battle to shut people up. I know you a vet and can hold your own so stop with these debatable one rounders and do one more 3 round battle and shut it down. i know you are capable of doing it.

    -i’m dat nigga

  • Donsawyer

    it seems like Goodz be talking when he rap —- Jay Z— A+
    its not what u say its HOW you say it ——- T Rex — A+
    are all eyes on you when you walk in the room —– Phara funeral—- A+
    Then there’s what you call, the perfect rhyme, (ESSAY) —- KRS-1″My philosophy” –
    Danja has been ESSAYed…


    Goodz is tay roc with charisma…..says the simplest barz but his persona carries them over with impact. if you want barz dz won if you like swag goodz won. ima dc/pg md nigga, rockz with zone, roc and law but i had to go goodz off first watch. one reason only……zone left doubt to the viewers. he clearly out barred goodz but you can tell he was uncomfortable in that goodz aura. zone is on the cusp of top tier status but it carries a certain attitude with it. you have to know that without question you’re unbeatable on stage. goodz knowz if you put biggie in front of him he’ll win. if you cant make us as fanz believe what you’re saying then you can never convince us that you believe what your saying. all in all nice battle

  • Anonymous

    yo danja look like he want to cry he is not ready for that stage

  • sem.initial

    I measure battles by replay value…and goodz verse had replay value. I can’t weigh my decision on barz alone…that’s like comparing cassidy to jay-z IMHO.

  • Detroit_313

    Danja not ready but goodz is trash

  • JOEZ

    Danja did his thing but goods just took this nigga to school and showed him the complete package on how to bring the whole package to the battle. It’s not just about bars. Thats what sets chilla Jones back chilla got bars but he lack aggression, presence, and he take to long to get to his punch danja got bars he just don’t bring that complete package to the battle i though he would grow he is just not grown maybe this battle he’ll realize he need to add something to the arsenal. if you think goods beat hollow you niggas need to stop smoking that cat nip. but goods was cooking up in this 1 rounder.


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