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  • Jamale J Jones

    UDRLTv… The Ultimate Debatable Rap League, Lmao. No one knows how to take an L anymore.

    • InTheClouds856

      Lmaoooo I feel you. Thats the most used fu**in word in URL. They need judges.

  • barondebxl

    This nigga DNA lost his tooth again?

    • InTheClouds856

      I knew I wasnt trippin…

    • Wolfpack Toma

      he took it out for the battle. saying the old DNA is back. lol

  • bully

    dna was so fucking incredible that night…he was def the best battler that day…either him or surf

    • Ahmad Willis


  • Andre Harris

    Bottom line O-Red MVP for the year. Clear wins, not even debatable over Rex, Ill, X-Factor, Calicoe, the only one debatable is the JC battle, I think JC had heat both rounds but O-Red edged both rounds. Another nigga who hasn’t lost in a long time is Goodz, those two niggas need to be on SM3 card.

  • Tim

    No one took ored serious his last couple battles, if they did he would have lost…. His styles trash

    • Dat Dude

      Norbes is that you?

      • DRE

        Yeah that’s him lol

  • Wolfpack Toma

    Big T looking like he ready fall down the steps lol

    • Supa Grover


  • Supa Grover

    O-RED v. DNA set it up. O-RED is that nigga.


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