H-a Double Vs StatZ

This is a LEGIT classic battle. Two top tier southerners aiming to kill each other in a long overdue bout. Check out Houston’s own StatZ G vs New Orlean’s HA Double as these fierce competitors put on to see who will be KING OF THE SOUTH!!!!!!


  • Anonymous

    Ha Double 2-1…statz got the 1st, then he got cheezy

  • Realtalk

    Ha double is not good. Rhyme pattern is flat out boring

    • Anonymous

      i get what you tryna say, everybody wanna be complex with the bars.now…he has to find his own lane and style. the boy got presence and bars…but he sound like everybody else (kg the poet, lottazay etc). thats why i fuck with philly man….

    • RatedPGCOunty

      I could see him on a beat seriously. He can compete on a smack stage. Would like to see him against GE.

  • Anonymous

    H-a Double 3-0 body bag bars over everything and H-a Double bars was over everything

  • kooler

    Truthfully HA Double fucked him up bad lyrically 3-0

  • StatZ

    s/o urltv for fuckin with us

  • http://ultimaterapleague Galvanized Rap Fan

    Damn! H-a Double’s wordplay be off the charts! Get this nigga on the main stage against b magic smack!

  • Spike

    I like this guy and official. These two out of new Orleans are very nice. They are ready for the big stage.

  • Anonymous

    I see what you mean bout everybody trying to be complex…he does it better than lotta zay and those guys tho. lotta be punchin too but he really gets boring with the wordplay.

  • Shea

    Ha double won the battle clearly no debating. But statz had some good moments in the battle!!!

  • debo marks


  • Big Fa

    that intro was mad crazy keep the videos coming

  • caveman

    like if this look like ayeverb vs t-rex lml real shit

  • Anonymous

    damn. yall already want him on the main stage?….let him do more battles, a couple good battles and yall already hypin ppl up….

  • muta

    statz is the new trex improved though!!!

  • ReeseG21519

    get ha double on a main stage he got i t


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