Head Ice Breaks Down Meaning of “Wolf Love,” Talks K-Shine Battle, Being Back on URL

Head Ice Breaks Down Meaning of  Wolf Love   Talks K Shine Battle  Being Back on URL   YouTube

Head ICE talks being back on URL, his battle with K-Shine and why he took a hiatus….

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZB53VWN2OM7NVOL62KJ3QDYNHE Antoine

    I honestly think Dose is gonna beat him… Aint got shit to lose and a name to reclaim

  • Yo bRO

    What is that dope background music? Wanna buy it.

  • tone loc


  • Himalayah99

    Math is da sillyest nukkah eva……..detroit love! give em dat work math!!

  • Mr.Rude

    Message to Justin :

     You’re a lame son… You didn’t even knock the lil dumb nigga out the first time..Smh.. What are you like 6’3 200+ ( much bigger back then ) .. Fuckin jOKE… I hope that clown ass nerd bodies you 4real this time… Living off that Fruity Punch like the makers of HI-C nigga !!!! LOOOOOOOL 

    • stizzax

      i was with u til that last sentence. that was weak. leave the metaphors and smilies to rappers and poets. looooool 

      • Mr.Rude

        Oh word?.. But your favorite battle MC has said worse and you was front row cheering them on more than likely..lmaoooo. You niggas kill me.


    DOSE 2-1

  • barondebxl

    The beat of that trailer is fucking sick.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NGYW3IQFB6JFNFDXKEK4VZYYHA DC

    Math hit him cause Dose was killing him in the battle..wasnt even close. Dose gon slump him 3-0

  • Real Nigga

    These niggas rematching this year because it took all that time for Dose eye to get better…

  • Ralph E Dykes



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