Head Ice vs Marv Won

The main event from the December 7th Guillotine event. Harlem’s Head Ice does a one round promo against Marv Won from Detroit. These two veterans of the sport put on an enjoyable, comedic show for the crowd in Minnesota.


  • Anonymous

    Snooze fest.

    • bearfan

      lol, ice said marv is weight hatin. Battle was boring but it was the fault of marv, he put everyone to sleep with all that fake shit he said. People were talking all thru marv’s shit. Ice woke the crowd up. Ice won ez, landslide! that’s for caskets…

    • ellaykhule

      why marv say nigga like 50 extra times?? he was just talking way boring

  • TayeWavey

    This is just Like the Goodz Danja Zone battle . While Marv Won may have had more bars … if you dont say them the proper way they gonna fall on Deaf ears . Ice Killed him with Stage Presense Swagg comedy and some bars sprinkled in here and there .

    • Chims

      Marv killed him

  • url Stan

    disappointed in both battlers expected better

  • King Joffy


  • Maccmaiin60

    Headice too nice for niggaz boss bars locc he kills everone he get in front of jus lik he killed dayylty

  • Maccmaiin60

    Dis nigga marv won has lite bars n no1 is listing to dis nigga ice got dis one

  • G

    I.c.e won wit the cherry on top

  • dmo

    head i.c.e. murdah’d dat nigga

  • bigbig

    to much talking while they battleing. i would’ve never put this out

  • shg

    Oh Shxt…i just fell asleep…this is one of those battles you dont even put out..its not even worth watching…this was a joke.

    • Don demarcooo

      lmfaoooo agreed

  • Rexchap

    WOOO, what a good power nap i just had!!!

  • discjockeyjones

    really???? this was horrible…. these dudes must’ve needed some rent money lol

  • whoose

    audience is too loud. the owner of the league has to get some original editing

  • Ehd4

    I’ll beat this pussy up marv don’t even believe that shit when he say it. Math killed this dude who brought him back to life. Head ice did his thing to bad it was against this lame. You can’t go from daylyte to this lame. You won but come on ice get better opponents mannnn

  • Ehd4

    A dope battle would be math hoffa vs head ice or swave sevah part Ii

  • longjank

    i have huge jank

  • longjank

    who saw the pic of daylyts huge jank? im not gay but fuck!!!!! thats a nice looking piece of meat. i wanna see what ice and serious jones jank look like too. i can tell they have huge ones

  • ken

    ice killed it . marv . nope

  • Joki

    Ice nuggah. Jus cause its been a min


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