• Pappy Mason

    That bitch with the red hair is fucking corny but i guess she fits in with the rest of these losers

    • Omega

      tem downies nigga

  • Ace Boon Coon

    Lets be real rap crews are gay as shit… Either you with yah niggas or you on your own thats how its suppose to be. All the rest of this crew shit is gay

  • AlgebraKiller

    Drop Norbes…or get him off the camera…weird rep

  • Jamal

    sad how the show was going fine…everyone was happy with the show on blogtak radio..and for some reason norbes felt like we needed to see him on camera..with a bitch we dont know who she is…We know why Jessirican there..he started the show..Hiphop syko got knowledge and raps..and came on when the show wasnt as popping..but who is this bitch in the red? Norbes will do anything to impress bitches and get pussy…man i wish he would leave the show..i like it when its just jessirican, hiphop syko…id even rather mickey factz take over norbes spot because he asks good questions..norbes just force feeds people his opinion and if you disagree then you’re an idiot…he needs to go

    • ohgod

      nigga stfu. everyone was happy on blogtalk radio? damn ass fool. who da fuck was listening to that shit for over an hour with poor audio? Nigga eat yo mama’s dick.

      • Jamal

        So you’d rather watch norbes on camera for an hour once a sound dumb as fuck..if the audio and shit was so do you think battle rap arena got popular enough to where they could do it live..everytime i listen to it…there are always unlimited callers who call i must not be listening right cause it seems the lines are always right after the live broadcast you can re-listen to it on the blogtalk shit later that eat a dick nigga…you wanna see fat corny niggas norbes and this no name red hair bitch who look like a smut..have a good time fuck boy


        dont hurt em ohgod!!jamal means well !!SOMETIMES!! lmao


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