HHDX | Jahlil Beats Updates Bobby Shmurda Status

Jahlil Beats Updates Bobby Shmurda Status   YouTube

“Hot Nigga” producer talks life before the track went viral, status of Bobby Shmurda and upcoming placements.

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  • Steve

    No debating JIMZ killed this nigga !!

  • Random white guy

    Good battle but Jimz got that hands down

  • Zee

    Jimz killed it!

  • I know barz

    Hef flow was nice BUT jimz was too much for him.. Jimz got this win CLEARLY

  • BattleKing

    Whos That Jims kid? I’ll kill em

  • BattleKing

    Jims won tho

  • battle king

    hue hef definitely killed him with the first few bars what are these kids talking about

  • Bigmoney

    That nigga jimz is nice he killed this

  • Daphne Nielsen

    Hef killed it!! He had more punch lines

  • imon2u

    Jimz got that hand down—magician

  • Dre7474

    Jimz did his thing. This his first battle on camera too, wait til he start making real noise

  • Bently

    My Boy Hue Hef dollar Sign island stand up
    He went in ya Bently GGS

  • spade

    At first i was thinlin jimz was gonna win till hef started goin in…whew dat boy hef doh. Good shit. Hef took dat

  • Gleams

    jimz bodied dude, all hef had was a good beginning. couldn’t sustain it tho, jimz had alot of key moments in his round. Better performance, bars and emphasis

  • Hospitelli

    Jimz murked him, no contest.

  • Speakdatruth

    Lmao @ 8:02 jimz face when he look in the camera with the “he’s trash face” I was feeling the same way ..hef not Fukin with jimz barz at all

  • Lucia C. Linares

    Jimz got this hands down! And he’s super sexy.. Mmmmm.. 😉

  • Henry Xcels

    Yo unbias, my man jimz went hard but had a lot of filler, that boy hef came str8 at his head with mean bars…so even though jimz rapped for 2 minutes longer than the hef, I’m still goin have to go with hef, so many of his punches landed back to back it was crazy!


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