HHDX | Mr. Collipark: Black Music Has Been “Raped,” Whored Out”


The producer airs his thoughts on what he views is a broken music industry.

Producer Mr. Collipark discussed the state of Black music in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes.

“This is what done made me mad for real,” he says. “You brought it out of me. Black music has been fucked. It’s raped. It’s whored out from the core.”

The Ying Yang Twins and Soulja Boy producer says that lack of record sales prove his point that true talent is being compromised for money. Hip Hop CD sales dropped nearly 30% in 2014.

He says that now, everyone wants to make a quick profit.

“Let’s take these non-talented, non-rapping, non-singing, everybody else who got a check, they can come take care of business,” he says. “This is at the bottom of the barrel. That’s the music that starts filtering up. And now, you’ve got in-disposable music that then takes this motherfucker nothing to go into the studio to record. That’s why they can put out so much of it. They can put this shit out (snaps).”

To contrast this cycle, Mr. Collipark uses D’Angelo as an example of true artistry because of the length of time and amount of effort he puts forth in his music. The producer offers a solution to the problem.

“I hope Black music gets to a point to where it has to shit out all the bad,” he says. “Everybody need to go get day jobs. If you’re really a mechanic, but you’re doing some shit in music that you finagled your way into, you need to go fix cars again. Shit out everybody who doesn’t love music. If you don’t love music, don’t be in it.”

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