TDE’s Ab-Soul announces what appears to be “Long Term 3,” a third installment in the “Long Term” series.

Ab-Soul has announced that he is working on a project titled #LT3, likely the third installment of his Long Term mixtape series.

“I’ve already begun #LT3 as well,” the Top Dawg Ent. rapper said in a Twitter post today (April 11).

Long Term was released in 2009 and Long Term 2: Lifestyles of the Broke and Almost Famous followed the year after. No release date for #LT3 has been announced.

In 2011, Ab-Soul spoke about the Long Term series.

“I wanted to do something to where all of my supporters and people that’s following me could actually witness the entire growth of the whole situation,” the Carson, California rapper said at the time. “So Longterm was just an introduction. Longterm 2 was more personal about where I was at with it in my life at that particular time.”

Ab-Soul has also released Longterm Mentality, which is not generally considered part of the Long Term mixtape series.

“Longterm Mentality is pretty much an overview of the whole idea,” he said. “I’m trying to capture my life and the essence of what I aspire to do in this business.”

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