HIPHOPDX | Lupe Fiasco Pens White Supremacy Letter

Lupe Fiasco calls white supremacy a farce, explains how he believes no race is superior to another.

Lupe Fiasco has long been a proponent of equal rights and an enemy of white supremacy. He has often times takes to either his music, social media or public events to spread his message.

Most recently, the Chicago native penned a letter via his Instagram account. The three part manifesto titled “Dear, White Supremacy,” attempts to take power out of the message from the recent Charleston church shooting and also explains how racism is still alive and well in the United States.

“First of all you are not really that supreme,” he wrote via the post. “While throughout history White Supremacy it must be admitted you have achieved some very dominant positions. These positions have been gained mostly through force or some biological agent such as disease that did a lot of the dirty work for you in advance.”

Lupe Fiasco also called white supremacy a “lie” and says there is no top when it comes to society’s current social structure.

“White Supremacy is a lie white regularists tell to themselves in hopes that they can get a one way ticket to the top and hope we other colors overhear it,” he explained. “Here’s the bad news, ain’t no top. Here’s the good news though, ain’t no bottom neither! It’s just the regular ole middle where nobody is safe from being influenced by somebody else’s extreme regularness.”

Dylann Roof is the prime suspect in a recent killing spree that left nine Charleston, South Carolina church parishioners dead. The shooting has officially been labeled a hate crime by local officials. Roof has displayed his hate for minorities via social media in the past and is currently awaiting trial for the occurance.

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