HIPHOPDX | Lupe Fiasco Reveals Number Of Songs On “Tetsuo & Youth”


Lupe Fiasco explains how he has to narrow down the final tracklist for “Tetsuo & Youth.”

Lupe Fiasco has revealed how many songs are set to be on Tetsuo & Youth.

“Final cut week…gotta get 25 songs down to 12…then #TY will be done…wooh! Tough decisions ahead,” Fiasco says.

In November 2013, Fiasco spoke about the upcoming effort.

“It ain’t gonna be a party album,” he said at the time. “I did like the first interview for the album I think it was either with Rolling Stone or Billboard and just told them like, you know, on purpose there’s no politics on the record. I feel like people—I’ve said what I had to say and people replied how they had to reply. So, now it’s just music…It’s just more just like at a certain point you get tired of it. You know what I’m saying? You get tired of trying to like get people to see things from a different way or a different perspective. And it’s kinda like the lack of response what was more like ‘Oh well, forget it. Let’s just go get money then.’”

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