HIPHOPDX | Meek Mill Sentenced To Up To 6 Months In Jail


The Philadelphia rapper has been given a three-to-six month jail sentence.

Meek Mill has been sentenced to three-to-six month in county jail, according to Fox 29.

The Philadelphia news outlet says that the MMG rapper is in custody now and that the district attorney was worried about the rapper’s behavior while he had been on probation.

One incident that was cited in Fox 29’s report was Meek Mill posting a photo of himself with a gun.

On Wednesday (July 9), Meek Mill posted a photo on Instagram of what appears to be three women brandishing firearms. That image is below.

On Tuesday (July 8), Meek Mill blasted Wale, calling his MMG labelmate a “cornball.”

Meek Mill also responded Tuesday to a new round of threats from fellow City of Brotherly Love rapper Louie V Gutta.

Earlier this week, Meek Mill also aided victims of a fire in his hometown and revealed the release date and the cover art of his forthcoming Dreams Worth More Than Money album.

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