HIPHOPDX | Murda Mook Discusses Snoop Dogg Connection


Murda Mook explains how he and Snoop Dogg connected and set the stage for Gladiator School.

After Murda Mook defeated Loaded Lux at Total Slaughter, he received a call from a superstar.

“Snoop Dogg reached out to me, and we got to choppin’ it up, and he told me he wanted me to come on to this thing and host it with him,” Murda Mook says during an interview with “He wanted it to be like ‘Murda Mook & Snoop Dogg Present’ because he has so much respect for the culture. He told me he had so much respect for me that he didn’t feel like it would be right for him to try to involve himself in anything battle oriented without reaching out to me.”

The conversation led to Gladiator School, which is slated to take place at The Masquerade in Atlanta September 19.
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