HIPHOPDX | Murs Explains Tech N9ne Friendship

Adding Tech N9ne to Paid Dues lineup “helped him break into where he should have been,” according to Murs.

Released in late February, Tech N9ne’s “Hood Go Crazy” record features Atlanta, Georgia wordsmiths B.o.B and 2 Chainz. During a newly-released interview with International Affair, the Kansas City, Missouri rapper revealed that he initially had Problem in mind for the record prior to enlisting 2 Chainz.

According to Tech, it was suggested that he recruit 2 Chainz for the record if he really wanted “the hood to go crazy.” He says he immediately agreed with the suggestion given that a 2 Chainz verse on a record gives it a “party” feel.

“I called my people at B.o.B’s camp…And I said ‘Send me some more tracks, dog.’” Tech N9ne said. “Cause they sent me all kind of stuff…So, we have a wonderful connection through music. So, this time they send me some songs and I picked ‘Hood Go Crazy.’ It’s the dancer in me that recognized dance music. Cause I used to dance before I was an emcee. I’ve been at it for a minute though. But before then I was a dancer. So, I recognized dance music and I heard that and it made me move. And B.o.B had that infectious hook…I was gonna put Problem on it at first…My brother Makzilla and my roommate he said ‘Problem’s dope, man. But if you really want the hood to go crazy, you’ll put Chainz on it.’ And I was like ‘Damn, you right, dude.’ Cause when Chainz raps it just says party.”

“Hood Go Crazy” will be featured on Tech N9ne’s Special Effects album, which is scheduled for release on May 5.

Joining Tech N9ne during the International Affair interview was fellow artist Murs. Murs recalled forming a friendship with Tech after he recruited the rapper for his Paid Dues festival.

“I have a festival called Paid Dues and I want the best people to perform in independent Hip Hop and he is one of the best,” Murs said. “If not thee best. So, I reached out…I wanted him on the festival, so I booked him. And then he said ‘Come fly out.’ And I said ‘Why do I have to fly out to book you for my show? Just come play the show.’ And they bought the tickets. And I said ‘Well, why not? I’ll go see.’ And then I saw this huge facility and I got it. And unlike many other artists who—I don’t think I even—There’s artists that I booked and helped out a lot. I don’t think I was helping Tech out in that way. But I mean, I helped him break into where he should have been the whole time. That small gesture from me. He made a gesture in return and offered me the ticket…The gesture was he sat me down and was like ‘Do you want to come on tour and open for me? And I’ll pay you a lot of money to do 70 shows.’”

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