HIPHOPDX | Pete Rock Calls “To Pimp A Butterfly” “The Best Album Out”

“This is what a Hip Hop album should sound like,” Pete Rock says. “I would say this even if I wasn’t on it.”

Since its premature release earlier this week, everyone from Kanye West to Talib Kweli has been out offering their take on Kendrick Lamar’s sophomore album, To Pimp A Butterfly.

During a recent conversation with MTV’s Rob Markman, producer Pete Rock weighed in on K.Dot’s latest effort, calling the 16-track collection “the best album out.”

Rock, who appears on track #12 of the album “Complexion (A Zulu Love),” says his admiration for the project would still be as strong even if he weren’t featured on the effort.

“I would say this even if I wasn’t on it,” he says.

Continuing, Rock spoke on his contributions to the aforementioned record, which also features Rapsody and production from Thundercat, Sounwave, Terrace Martin and Antydote.

“The beat wasn’t produced by me, but I did the hook and scratches,” he reveals. “He asked me to jump on it and I did that. That came together really beautifully; [Kendrick] just told me what he liked and I did it. I just put it in the place where I felt it made sense. I didn’t even hear what he was gonna say over it, I just did what he asked me to do and that was that.”

Later in the conversation, Pete Rock applauded Kendrick for his strong production and admired K.Dot’s vision when it comes to making the sound he wants to create.

“It’s like the best album out, so we’re listening to it and I’m loving the musicians that he picked to play on his album and the beats that he picked,” he says. “I was pretty impressed with it. It just goes to show you how much an ear he has for his sound and what he’s trying to accomplish. The album sounds great.”

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