HIPHOPDX | Prez Mafia Describes Season 2 Of “106 & Park’s” “Ultimate Freestyle Friday”


Prez Mafia says “competition is way thick” and that there’s “a lot of new faces” in Season 2 of “106 & Park’s” “UFF.”

In an interview with VladTV during the filming of the second season of BET’s 106 & Park Smack/URL Ultimate Freestyle Friday (UFF) tournament, battle rapper Prez Mafia described his competition and why he thinks the second season will make a bigger splash than the first.

“Competition is way thick,” he said. “Just like last season, it’s a bunch of hungry dudes out here that wanna do something to make it better for themselves, but at the same time, this is looked at more than last season because it’s the second season. It’s a lot of new faces, brand new faces. So we definitely gotta show off and I know people didn’t come here to make mistakes, I know everybody gon’ come with it. Competition is thick.”

During the interview, Prez Mafia detailed how UFF’s second season, which will feature rappers exclusively from the Proving Ground class, matches up against other platforms. “I just want that name to be respected,” he said of his own place in the industry. “Whoever feels like it should be disrespected, don’t be scared to say, ‘Jump in the ring.’ Please. I’m not trying to talk trash. It gets us nowhere. Ya’ll scared, man. Obviously, I think after this event right here and these battles drop, ya’ll gonna be mad because we don’t need ya’ll to make main events and really like classic battles. We don’t need you guys.”

Asked who he thinks is his toughest opponent in the tournament, Prez Mafia named J Rell. “He’s real versatile,” he said. “He’s versatile by mistake. He could mess up and then say a freestyle that was better than what he planned on saying. He’s very unpredictable, especially in this type of thing we got going on here, that’ll be his strong suit. But it could also be a weakness. So, you better watch out for that.”

Speaking on another competitor, Pontiac, Michigan native Sno, Prez explained his “I don’t care” approach and disposition. “He’s different man,” he said. “In order to come at him you’re gonna have to really do your homework. He has that swag like that trailer-park ‘I-don’t-care-and-I’m-gonna-tell-you-that-I-am-like-that.’ You can’t just think that you’re gonna talk about that because he’s so honest. So that’s definitely his strong suit. Salute to that man.”

The rapper went on to speak on the possibility that he could face off against last season’s winner Ill Will in the final match-up. “I give respect where respect is due because he just came out of the same thing we coming out of right now,” Prez said. “He’s just living. I respect that. That clash, if I make it to there I ain’t gon’ play with that man and I know for a fact that he’s not gonna do that to me so that would probably make me dig in that bag a little deeper. It might come out to be something as one for the books.

“It’s all about being confident,” he later said in response to his method of delivery. “Honestly, I’m not the Battle rapper that battle raps in front of the mirror and preps. It might be hard to not believe what I’m saying to you, but I don’t do it. I go by impulse, the moment, and aggression. And I go with the flow, if I do a stupid move and I turnt around did a whole 360 I’m gonna probably do something to make that seem like it was a cover-up. All of the head, it just comes off the top.”

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