HIPHOPDX | Tech N9ne Explains Role Fans Play In His Career


“If you loosen your tongue up,” Tech N9ne says, “you can say things a lot faster and clearer.”

Tech N9ne typically performs more than 150 shows a year. After his performances, the Strange Music rapper has a routine.

“We try not to go to a club,” Tech N9ne says during and interview with The Windsor Star, “because we do a show every day.

“We just be on the bus,” adds Tech N9ne, who is slated to perform at The Boom Boom Room in Windsor, Ontario, Canada as part of “Tech N9ne’s Special Effects Canadian Tour 2015” tomorrow (September 29). “We might watch some TV, whatever series — The Shield, Breaking Bad.”

As for inspiration, Tech N9ne says he gets it from a source other than television.

“My fans push me to keep going,” he says. “It’s hard for me. I have to get better and better. I have to outdo ‘Speedom,’” referring to the Special Effects selection that features Tech N9ne, Eminem and Krizz Kaliko.

The Missouri rapper says that he’s able to rap so rapidly on “Speedom” and other songs because of a technique he employs.

“I learned a long time ago how to loosen my tongue up,” Tech says. “I learned in the shower. If you loosen your tongue up, you can say things a lot faster and clearer. If you push hard, sometimes you will slur.”

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