HIPHOPDX | Troy Ave Discusses 50 Cent Relationship

The “New York City: The Album” rapper says his and 50 Cent’s relationship is no longer shaky.

Troy Ave discusses his issues with 50 Cent during an interview with Angie Martinez from Power 105.1 FM posted today (March 6).

“50 my guy,” Troy Ave says in the interview. “50 and me had a talk at the Chris Brown show. I hollered at him, pulled him to the side. He told me where the energy came from initially or whatever and we just chopped it up from there… 50 Cent was my favorite rapper. That’s the reason I’m rapping. He showed me you can come from the streets and put your own mixtapes and come up. No matter what type of shaky ting or whatever, that don’t omit what happened. It’s so ill. I got a dope check. He put my song in Power.”

Troy Ave says his hit record “Doo Doo” was inspired by doubters.

“’Doo Doo’ because I’m ishin’ on you,” Troy Ave says in the interview. “It’s an inspirational song for the people. Don’t let nobody tell you what you can or what you can’t do.”

The 2014 XXL Freshman recently became a father.

“I just had a baby on February 23,” Troy Ave says. “Album just dropped. You gotta set it up with a boy. I’m named after my grandfather so I’m the third, Roland Collins the Third. So my boy is the Fourth. He got a bunch of adidas stuff. I’m trying to get him a little Rolex. He’s gonna wear it to Kindergarten graduation.”

He said his love of timepieces dates back to his grandfather.

“I was eight years old when my grandfather let me drive his car and he had a gold Rolex when I was driving that Cadillac,” Troy Ave says. “I was infatuated with timepieces since then.”

Troy Ave says his next album, Major Without A Deal, is on the way.

“I got like two tours coming up,” Troy Ave says. “Major Without A Deal, it’s going to be the best album to come out of New York since New York City: The Album. And I’m keeping my money-back guarantee. I always keep my word. There was one time that I had to do it. You can’t doubt Troy Ave. or count me out.”

Last April, 50 Cent discussed Troy Ave in the context of Troy Ave. sampling “In Da Club” for a record.

“I like it when you see an artist that has been influenced by the music that’s there,” 50 Cent said at the time. “A lot of the melodies and the stuff that he actually—his choices. I really like when I hear something from him. When I hear something that was his idea that comes out. And I go, ‘Oh shit.’”

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  • Andrew

    get a better fucking camera…get a mic….step it up

  • GdaWizard

    That Kid Chopz he’s talkin’ bout is hot garbage truck juice. White dude rappin’ like it’s ’93 or some shit. Em ain’t got no worries.

  • ohgod

    dis nigga look like Ice Cube


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