Hitman Holla Vs T-Rex

Hitman Holla Vs T-Rex [Official Video] [HD]


  • ohgod

    audio is trash.

  • Bnews Theemcee

    that was a good 1 rounder but um hitman joint was like 10mins long lol could go either way

  • Sosathe1st

    Rex killed hitman bullshit ass audio was trash smfh , they need to stop these one round joints

    • Logic

      FOH with that “killed” shit. Nobody clearly died in this battle. Holla lost, but ya’ll niggas are gassing saying he got killed.

  • myian barnes

    Rex punches were a little harder but he didn’t come with enough material. It was cool to see, but I don’t like the battles between friends much

  • Razor

    Holla got washed… Rex just can’t be fucked with if he’s going second and he’s spittin like that

  • flipper773

    Hell naw. Hitman let rex edged him must didnt take this one seriously. Verb 3-0ed him already.

  • hackgost

    1 rd ?????? mannnn….. conceited did whip trex ass tho. Funny how trex turned it around with that lil bro line.. lol. this is another of those I don’t know wtf won, bring on them other 2 rds!

  • Smoove80

    It was a close battle but I think Rex edge it his punches was a little harder

  • niyon

    Rex went CRAZY!!!!!!!!

  • Jamal

    damn whether yall niggas believe rex real or not..i never see no fear in any battles..that nigga stomp the yard and took the respect..nigga said he would knock sho out and have a couple niggas outside ready to air the show out..that shit was hard..and that bar made the crowd fuck with him…they couldnt even hate on that bar even if they wanted to…hitman surprised me lyrically..he had some dope shit too..This classic example why you need 3 rounds..you can easily argue both sides..Rex top 5 of all time..he just showed why he is in this shit too..niggas gave him the fucking mic..that shit aint fair..but he did what he had to do and aint use it as a excuse and still went crazy..thats how a real MC should be

  • Areuserious


    • Unspoken Truth

      Im f4om houston Iean I say rex cowt q body!!!!

  • The Worst Winner

    best 1 rounder i’ve seen in a while..TIe.

    • Manuel

      FOH..you need to go watch the Clipse-JC battle or even Big Kannon-Cortez one rounders. This shit was still good though

      • kasai smith

        Saw both. Both dope. Nobody went as hard as Rex just did. & I ain’t a Rex fan.

        • ReeseG

          YK and chilla jones had the best one round battle period not debating.(chilla won)

      • The Worst Winner

        that JC vs. Clips joint was gimmicky..and Cortez vs Big Kan really wasnt a must see battle..niggas wanna see Cor vs. Rex or Clips vs Rex..all these bum ass battles thats been dropping.

  • Gee

    don’t even make since to judge a one round,especially if both cats come with sum shit..i fucc wit rex since day one but saying he “killed” or “cleary” won is dicc ridin and biased..both of dem niggaz got off,hitman saying any nigga clap at my partna is like clapping at my partna was the realest shit,dat wud make me feel like he edged it, but i guess niggaz nowadays don’t kno real shit

    • Rexchap

      NO, it aint about knowing REAL SHIT! NOBODY believes his corny ass! Everybody knows Holla don’t get down like that! People AROUND him maybe, but HE don’t! Verb already told his business and we all know niggas like that! You ain’t no college ball player with dreams and be clappin niggas too…TFOH…..That niggas prolly never even smoked a bone before! Holla corny as FUCK!

      • Gee

        So u sayin anybody in Skool pussy or don’t get down for his homies wen its time to ride? We personally don’t kno these niggaz..verb said holla wasn’t shooting his gun in one round then in the next he said he was shooting that rusty .38 in the air,which one is it..like I said we don’t kno Dese niggaz but if I had I picc who ain’t real btw Dese two it wud be Rex..a nigga pistol whip my partna me and dat nigga Cudnt even be in the same rhyme..more and more frauds in this comment section I see

    • kasai smith

      Fuck you mean it don’t make sense to judge a one rounder? It’s about who had the better material in the allotted time. That was “CLEARLY” Rex. Look at Holla face. That tells everything. They both gave props to each other during the battle but Holla looked Impressed! Holla was better than i’ve seen him in a min. But Rex was just better than That. He went to another level. A dif opinion dont make a nigga a dick rider. Cut that shit out.

  • Raythekid85

    They gone give me manslaughter me and hitman is cool and i don’t want to see my man slaughtered canon got a strap and red light but it aint no camcorder only way he making it to the NBA is if we Jam on em – Rex was goin in

  • Raythekid85

    Damn they both went in but what REX did in his short time was more than enough to edge it to me still classic though..

    you a ball player you a athlete you go pass niggas and shoot i shoot niggas that go pass me – Rex

  • Bnews Theemcee

    i just hope the one rounders is not the new formula

  • Murlin

    is that kiquan from the st lunatics in the background?

    • Magna Carta

      I said the same thing … lol

  • UMan

    I hate when nigga try to be biased man…Hitman went in but Rex was cookin…straight up…give the man his props!

  • Florida Boy

    Rex was relentess he got that one

  • Jnyce415

    Yo when rex goes in you can feel that shit

    • Guest

      PAUSE!!! Wtf Man!!!

      • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ ThatsLite!

        u gay for even thinking that

        • Florida Boy

          i hate that pause shit. #1 if u say some gay shit pause doesnt fix that and #2 if u not gay why does everything said come across as gay to u…..shits dumb to me

        • Murlin

          i feel u, i feel u, i feel u alot …….wait pause nigga

        • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ ThatsLite!

          i feel the same way brotha

      • barondebxl


      • k2gees

        It’s late as hell at night. So either I’m tired or this is the funniest thing I heard all day! I can’t stop laughing!

      • The Worst Winner


    • AR19

      lol damn this shit here funny.

  • rexchap

    Holla said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this battle! He is SO ASS it aint even funny!

  • Kamara Rosewood Mitchell

    Hitman should of did a remix.

  • Spike

    Rex just spit some real rap. Rex said he probably took my chain,but notice u don’t see him blogging..that’s the Rex I wanna keep hearing.

  • Louboi28 .

    Rex was rex but Hitman came wit more bars and setup rex was rushing his bars

  • Verbal

    Hardest battle in months, hands down

  • Logic

    Hitman said NOTHING. He was boring. Rex bodied him in one round.

    • Rexchap

      You already KNOW how i feel! He is SO ASS….Nigga says NOTHING…thinks swag wins…TFOH!!!! This nigga, more than anybody fronts. I’ll believe LUX and guntalk and violence before i believe THIS scrub! And we already know Lux don’t get down like that… Shoot some jumpers and just STFU already!

  • Breezzo 718 will 187 u

    why they putting out battles with bad audio shit b having me tight they b starving 2 put it out without making sure they got it all the clear shit be a waist of time TRASH ASS AUDIO

  • Henry Xcels

    prob one of the best battles I seen in awhile. hard to call since it was a one rounder. you don’t really need a lot of endurance for one rounders. I felt Holla’s verse more tho, he had bars and performance and controlled that crowd right. dope battle tho props to both

  • tycarterbk

    hate to say it but the booty grippin crew took this one lol

    • Omega

      hate to say it..but this fucking homo dickriding fans need to get killed

      • tycarterbk

        Omega go play super mario kart with your booty goons

        • Omega

          only if you tell ya mom to join me…she neglects you anyway

        • tycarterbk

          You Cali dudes all say the same shit

        • Omega

          im not from cali..would never wanna be a cali fruit

  • bumpie Johnson

    Rex killed this dude n his own city

  • Ty Jones

    Rex killed hitman in 3min ! Hitman is now an abc bar spitta ….. Go to the D league or over seas to hoop my man, cause if you won’t be getting 5k a battle with this type of performance for very long.

    • Rexchap

      NOW an abc bar spitta? ….nigga BEEN!!! You niggas are FINALLY hearing it…

  • Bars

    Rex this ya best battle since math part 1 this the old rex! Classic Battle.

    • The Worst Winner

      Rex fucked Math UP in part 2 tho..cant even front on that.

    • Eric E-oil Smalls

      Zip em up…. Harlem in the fucking building…D.O.T MOB

  • Pappy Mason


  • FAMP

    No disrespect to Holla cause he’s a legend. But Rex just showed why he’s the best EVER..!!! yeah i said it.. lol

  • you look like food

    rex blacked lol

  • Booz101

    Yooooo REX verse was like hearing a verse from B.I.G in his (“give me the loot days) raw NY hip hop! I’m not a big fan of Rex but the brother got this one with one clean crazy verse….

    • AllEyezOnAce


  • Don

    Wtf is wrong wit u niggas… Hitman was talkin to em in this battle… “Loyalty” wats it mean to ya, guess not much to u battle rap groupies… A real nigga wld Neva down play his bro, like hitman sed u say it to him u sed it to me. Dats Real street shyt

    • kasai smith

      It’s not called battle talking. It’s battle RAP. Rex barred his life away. And Holla went IN. At HOME. & still lost. Rex was just too much.

  • AllEyezOnAce

    It was a good battle but Rex finished em

  • Manuel

    Ain’t nobody in their fucking right senses can even claim Hitman took this. Even those niggaz that come with excuses like “I don’t judge one round battles”. Clearly Rex all day!!!

  • Brock

    How you gone give the nigga who moves mean in his own city a bad mic smh….Hitman was cool but the we friend bit end when them barz come out!! Rex didnt follow the we friends lite barz code obviously!! Rex was mollywhoppin, good battle. Audio crew did Hitman wrong but still no excuses!!

  • David Williams


  • TipOfTheIceberg

    How Rex beat this nigga in him home town and rapped 5 less minutes??

    • TFOH

      because Holla is GARBAGE

  • justsayin

    Rex is the most consistent battle rapper doing it today. damn

  • nine5for

    good battle but rex rd was short and hitman’s rd hard to hear

  • Joe Bell

    First off… Nice 1 rounder… It should have been a 3 rounder though. hitman kiiled it, but lets take a look at the facts… first thing is rex had 3 odds against him. 1 was, he was in st loius, 2nd, he didnt have as much material as hitman did probly cuz thats his boy and didnt want to do him like that so basically rex just took it as a friendly battle. 3rd he was using that shity ass mic and that shit takes away from your performance plus he aint go as half of time that hitman had!! so u gotta give it to rex for having all odds against him and still making it debatable

  • Rory Cost Gallagher

    Audio fucking sucks get ya shit together smack

    • kato5209

      Dis aint a smack event

  • Thelifergiver

    Hitman in my opinion won. Rex reuses lines.

  • Andrew

    Rex had Hitman looking like a fan up there beside him

    • Raythekid85

      hahahaha i said the same thing he looked so excited that rex was spitting them bars towards him lol

  • Zedric Young

    What happen was since they both cool they agreed to go light only thing is rex had his fingers crossed lol

  • ferb420

    Hitman don’t ever win @ home lol. First Goodz earled him, then Aye Verb sonned him, now Rex ate him with the little time that he had for his round. Overall, Hitman better step that shit up for a nigga like O-Red. That nigga Red has been on a winning streak.

  • dboy31

    I’m say it fuck it rex is the#1 battle rapper always consistent never scared worth the money

  • k2gees

    Rex had some hot lines but it wasn’t directed at hitman. Hitman rapped longer and that was cool. That’s not why I gave the win to hitman. I just thought he crafted a round specifically for Rex. Rex could’ve spit that round at anyone. Like it was just sitting around as filler.

  • Hubert DeRavin

    Is the money really worth the ass whooping in your home town. I guess so… Hitman should have had Rex go first. That shit was str8 murder

  • gwvaio

    Read the comments 1st then watched the battle. Y’all hyped Rex up too much. OK battle. Probably give it Hitman

  • http://www.sotonation.com/ Ahmad Willis


  • http://www.sotonation.com/ Ahmad Willis




  • DgettheMoeny

    i hold my gun more then I hold my son rex lol

  • J Blangz

    Where was this rex vs ored!….goooodddd ddaaammmmm


    i hold my gun more then i hold my son…trex vs charlie clips…IT SHOULD BE CALLED “HELL UP IN HARLEM”(LOOK HOW JUST HELPED YALL OUT)



  • HDTheProducer

    99% Performance And The Rest Filla Shit lol

  • EllitePaper

    Rex is the Jadakiss of Battlerap. always consistant

  • Shea

    T- rex is the #1 battler in the world hands down. This nigga will battled anybody, anywhere, before battle rap was battle rap. So consistent, always relevant, had a couple losses and a lot of wins. Caught a couple body bags, never changed sides, and always come with that same T-rex flow no matter who says what. Never tries to reinvent himself. He just does t- rex point blank period. Name another battle rapper that battled as many times as rex and long as rex and has gotten paid as much as rex!!!!!! Go ahead I’ll wait

  • Mark Darkmanx

    This is far from a classic….rex won but afterwards they were on instagram together playing 2k14 at Hollas house…#facts….am tired of seeing friends battle and i dont care what u spit in your round as soon as i see a handshake between rounds i turn the shit off….and ama fan of both these guys but Hitmanholla is on my bout to stop fucking with list…..hes on instagram skating like bow wow in that move Roll Bounce facts….and rex told me its okay for daylyght to strip on stage in his words “he is doing him” Facts……whats going on with top tier rappers?….Bmagic says nothing in every battle and sounds the same but you fans hype him like hes number one??? Everybody worrying about charlie clips 3rd rounds? i dont know why bc he beats niggas in the first two…ored killing everybody and no ones paying any attention bc his face looks like the back of a Garbage truck? cmon man…

  • DR

    Damn shame what Rex did to that boy.

  • cityboi


  • Cooly Bop

    Rex has stepped his game up over the years ..he’s improved significantly ….I like holla too but this wasnt one of his better performances

  • Damn

    Randy killed this dude. Hitman better be glad T-Rex a nurse so he can revive his ass after this one. Hitman one of my fav battle rappers, but sometimes you catch a fade and gotta get back up. It looks like this is one of them times.

  • pen

    Why why why…. Did they not do it on smack as a main event….


  • realhitaz

    best from Rex in a while. hitman was dope but rex was on another level good shit rex

  • E

    Rex did his thing butyall trippin sayin he the best

  • LebronRingJames

    ” I hold my gun more than i hold my son ” Thats Nothing to be proud of smhhhhh

  • ken

    This should have been a 3rd battle smack do the rematch

  • Bud

    His brains all over the grass they gotta rake him up! holla go too hard!


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