HNHH| Is There A J. Cole Album Coming In December? Fans Seem To Think So


Rumors have been circulating about a possible new J. Cole album, titled “2014 Forest Hills Drive”.

J. Cole may be taking the increasingly popular surprise (or alternatively, “Beyonce style!”) approach to releasing his new album, at least according to the impressive internet sleuths (but also known trolls) at KanyeToThe. The popular rap forum points to an Amazon page for what appears to be a new Cole project titled, 2014 Forest Hills Drive, with a release date of December 9th.

So far, the theory seems legit, but this is where things get a little crazy. KTT links to an image of an iTunes banner for the alleged project, but as far as we’ve seen, it can not be reproduced. A link to a real estate page for the titular address is then provided, which was purchased in May, and is located in Cole’s hometown of North Carolina.

Then there’s a photo of a letter, allegedly written by Cole, alerting neighbors to a listening party at the house, which the rapper claims to have purchased and refers to as his childhood home. Finally, a photo of Cole in a home that resembles the one from the real estate page is provided.

It’s possible Cole really does have this very conceptual rollout up his sleeve, but the perfectly aligned clues seem a bit suspect. With that being said, we assume it would be difficult to fake an Amazon pre-order. Then again, this is the internet.

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