Hollow Da Don At The Barclays Talks Lux Battle and Calls Out Joe Budden and Cassidy

Focus Frame Films catches up with Hollow Da Don (Hollow Be Thy Name) at the Luis Collazo vs. Victor Cruz at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. He talks briefly about his recent battle with Loaded Lux, and also calls out both Joe Budden and Cassidy for his next battle. Who would ya like to see Hollow Da Don go up against next? Who do ya think won between Hollow Da Don vs Loaded Lux?

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  • Manmansb

    Hollow my nigga people mad because he beat lux

    • rexchap

      Yeah right! LUX talked to that boy! LOL

      • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ ThatsLite!


    • charlie kingston

      Yall both right… it was debatable.

    • Sno Dat

      Ok here goes the honest truth and I’m a hollow fan. He is my fave battle rapper. Though it was a great battle and ppl are gon say 2-1 either way Lux won 2-1. Hollow did try to break down lux stretching his content but if u really listen to what lux was saying he was stretching anything. He actually came prepared. Hollows 2nd and 3rd was solid but it had to much filler in between. Using calicoes dad was a Gud prop but his bar fell off after he brought him out. With that bein sed da real reason ppl are sayin my man won is cuz hollow didn’t allow lux to do him like he did calicoe. He made the shyt seem debatable. And as fans thts all we wanted. A classic

    • lipsbooks


  • donstic

    lux killed this poor boy smh

  • myian barnes

    Hollow won a close battle but leave those cats alone. They make records, not classics! Get Clips, Mook, or Rex! That’s what we want to see!

  • Strap

    U right Barnes but on the other hand they both love battle rap and think they can step in the ring so it’s only right he call them out

    Hallow on top now still want to see the arsonal rematch tho

  • ohgod

    Man, these battles aint gonna happen. It’s like when DNA thought that Meek Mills but actually battle him after the hype with Lux/Calicoe at SM2. LMAO. Forget it Hollow. It aint eva gonna happen.

    • ohgod

      Meek Mills might it should read.

  • news757
  • Mike TheFranchise YoungHomie

    Been a fan of both for years..unbiased..but hollow lost..not by much..but lux worked..hollow performed..lux grew as a person and artist..hollow is dope but he was the same years ago..

    • URL Stan

      How did lux grow? lol he did the same shit vs calicoe i would call it recycling his bars couldve been for any “lost” nigga

      • MMLP2

        So calling someone out on their bs is repetition? Isn’t that the point, to call them out on their faults? Did Lux talk about Hollow’s dad and how he was a loser? No, think before you write, you won’t look stupid that way.

  • http://worldstarhiphop.com/ ThatsLite!

    this nigga feelin his self now.. cassidy would kill you with that grindtime flow

  • Plane Sight

    You died in the ring Hollow. Stop it. Now you want Budden or Cassidy? You make yourself look stupider daily.

    • URL Stan

      How Did he die??? Smh New niggas get off your knees

      • MMLP2

        How did Hollow not die? What lyrics did he say that hit Lux hard? Hollow lost every round.

  • Url Stan

    Lux lost it was a great battle but y’all would kill another rapper for using the same gameplan “lost nigga”(lux vs calicoe)….plus AYE VERB DID IT TO HITMAN 1st (But lux the best stealing)….Hollow vs Serious you owe serious one smack for Math(Math ain’t slick forgot his bars so he wanted to fight)……Sm4 tho Hollow vs Cassidy

    • Food4 thought

      Lol word

    • Swerve

      Please stop wit dis lux stole shyt. All batter rappers steal schemes and concepts. They jus out there own twist to it. Name one tht hasn’t? Slow it down, speed it up, subtitles, verb son’n a nigga, factors priorities…. We can take it back to reed, frank wit da grip pax, party arty, so do us a favor nd shut up

      • beast mode

        you sheep ass nigga for 40k i want all original material….you making it seem like stealing shit is cool

        • Numb ass miggas

          Bitch ur broke ass aint pay it nor pay to watch the battle… I can’t stand broke ass niggas yet if smack or uw was to charge for a battle u’d b the broke nigga bitching or watching kotd battles

        • Beast Mode

          look at you wipe your mouth I payed for UW event now take Lux meat out your mouth an stop pocketing watching…… Lux made it public he was asking for 40k he opened himself up for criticism

  • tycarterbk

    you idiots with your (unbiased talk) (unbiased review) gtfoh…stop posting BS. Its all opinionated which nobody gives a $hit. However for the record…Hollow gave lux that work…2-1, 3-0

  • Florida Boy

    debatable battle but definitely a classic….i dont wanna see Cassidy in the ring i havent heard any hard bars from him in years hes pretty basic to me

  • Tru2DaCulture

    Hollow showed up Big time…but he lost 2-1…”There’s some reality that bars can save” (shout to Serius Jones)….Too much filler, too much comedy, not enough potency but great energy and great performance. Loaded bars were to consistent and harder hitting. Its a debateable battle but NO 3-0 either way, knock it off…I think it comes does to preferences….Mine is Bars over Jokes! Pulling out Cal pops only made Cal pops perpetuate exactly what Loaded Lux’s point! Cal pops too old to be acting the way he was…”But it always takes a black momma banging on the box! for you niggas to get the picture!!” “Man Up! Cuz stand up niggas dont lean!!”…just quoted those lines cuz they fit the point im making…


    just some food for thought. in the debate of whether hollow or lux lost, no one really talks about asking for the time limit. this was one of the most anticipated battles ever and hollow asked for a time limit. that shit is corny no matter how you look at it. he was shook. he knew lux would’ve barred him to death with no time limit.

    people have hollow winning this battle because he did better than calicoe. thats not a win.

  • Lebron Hairline Restoration™

    The Preacher’s soul left his body when he saw Blackface.

    • MMLP2

      Not really. Just a laugh that Hollow reassured Lux that they’re just fools.

  • MMLP2

    I feel sorry for the fans that think Hollow actually won. They chose mediocrity over talent and skill. Hollow had a good performance? He was loud, and his screechy voice hurts. Hollow had insane bars? A lot of unfunny jokes and soft-hitting bars. For those who say nobody won this 3-0 either way…did you see the battle? Did you hear the lyrics? Lux torched Hollow every round. This was a clear win for Lux. But people see what they want when they don’t know.

  • niyon

    Lux beat hollow but Hollow’s fan base is bigger than Lux’s because there is alot of new battle rap fans who dont know any better so Buddens wants to battle Hollow because of it. plus I think that after the slaughterhouse tournament Lux might get signed to slaughterhouse thats just my take on the slaughterhouse tourney.


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