Hollow Da Don Discusses Drake Friendship, Loaded Lux & “Summer Madness 3”

exclusive: Hollow Da Don calls Drake “the homie” and explains why he won’t be battling Loaded Lux at Summer Madness 3.

Hollow Da Don, one of the most acclaimed Battle Rap performers from the Ultimate Rap League (URL), recently spoke about “Summer Madness 3,” Loaded Lux and his friendship with Drake in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX.

“Yeah, [Drake’s] the homie,” Hollow Da Don said. “Some shorty on Twitter was like, ‘How’d you get Drake to follow you?’ I didn’t even know he was following me.” The two interacted on the social networking website and met soon after. “I seen him at Summer Jam a few days later so we linked up at the Summer Jam and kicked it,” Hollow continued. “Yeah, we got to kick it and he’s really into this shit. You know what I’m saying? We were chopping it up and tearing shit up.”

Hollow isn’t the only Battle Rap artist who considers Drake a friend. Dizaster also told HipHopDX that he and Drake are”super close.” Drake’s OVO is set to sponsor King of the Dot’s next event, “World Domination 4.”

Drake recently debated with Kevin Durant about Hollow Da Don’s match versus Tsu Surf. Drake said Da Don won the exchange while Kevin Durant sided with Surf. Hollow addressed the debate and explained what he felt it meant for Battle Rap.

“I just appreciated them shining the light on the culture,” Hollow said. “I appreciated that, first and foremost. Kevin Durant [was] talking about 3-0. He stated a bias opinion and Drake was just like, ‘He won.’ I would have respected if KD was like, ‘I think Surf won.’ [But], he was like ‘3-0.’ Come on. Even Surf said I got the third round and Joe Budden said I got the second [round] off the Chris Webber bar.”

The “Chris Webber bar” refers to a line in Hollow Da Don’s second round against Surf. The bar discussed Tsu Surf’s legal woes in Detroit, Michigan and Chris Webber’s infamous “timeout” call when he played for the Michigan Wolverines, as reported when the debate took place. The face-off between Surf and Hollow can be seen below.

Hollow Da Don Explains Why He Won’t Battle Loaded Lux At “Summer Madness 3”
Drake recently debated with Kevin Durant about Hollow Da Don’s battle against Tsu Surf. Drake said Da Don won the match-up while Kevin Durant sided with Surf. Hollow addressed the debate and explained what he felt it meant for Battle Rap

“As far as ‘Summer Madness 3,’ I don’t think I’m on that card,” Hollow said, before the card was announced. “I don’t know if they’re still doing it or whatever. Even if they did, they couldn’t get the Lux battle put together because the paperwork he wants on his side…I told them, if anything, I’d do the card after ‘Summer Madness [3].’”

While he may still battle on the URL stage, Hollow also said he hopes to expand his reach beyond the States.

“I definitely would want to do another league,” Hollow said, speaking about potential battles in leagues like Canada’s King of the Dot and England’s Don’t Flop. “I’m interested in traveling overseas and doing something in another country for sure. It’s gotta be the right opponent… I’m kind of more strategic with my moves. I won’t be just like, ‘I want a trip to London. Let me book a battle.’”



  • Ronnie Jones

    That really fucking sucks smack hypeing shit making every body think it was going down with hollow daon vs loaded lux if lux back out for money issues hes then he a fucking sucker cause you do it for love and the culture he main nigga that nigga that stress that and besides he aint nigga to be paying thousands of dollars to he anit battle in years and battles that he had wasn’t much he need to cut it out for real he scared that my opinion

    • Danny

      That nigga is scared of da don!!! He asking for crazy money he know he aint gon get so he wont have to battle him!! Niggas hyped lux up too much he hott but he just choked!! He dont deserve crazy money yet he gotta prove he worth it first!!

      • ANO1312

        Yet he still beat Calicoe and his performance raised the bar for the entire culture all the sudden after the lux battle people are trying to use bigger words in there bars to sound smarter you can hear it in all the battlers. Lux deserves every penny he gets and he doesn’t need to battle all the time because of the quality of his work. And without him and a couple more people URL/SMACK would still be selling dvd’s on the corner and thats real shit.

        • SpiT

          dis the most stupidest message i had read here….luxx did not raise no bar cuz he used a few ‘big’ words you dumb nigga..!! 2) dat nigga hadn’t battled in years before cal…so how da fuk can he dictate da terms.?? he can’t.!! like i been saying….luxx need to ‘go get SOME MORE WORK’… instead of crowning himself & acting like he earned money by battling for da past 5 past…OVER-RATED NIGGA…and niggas need to really get of his sack already…

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Its going down now lol

  • jose

    hollow 2-1 over sue-surf!!!!!!!!!

  • Hahaha

    Da don head shotted surf KD that nigga stupid fuck outta here go play basketball nigga

  • Kid Dynomite

    If holliw wouldnt gave lost to surf he mightl be battling lux


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