Hollow Da Don Says Loaded Lux Is Pulling A Cassidy Move By Asking For A Lot Of Money To Battle


  • sch


  • Jamal

    This show URL salty about that Lux vs Hollow battle.. Why post this now? cause Hollow said “if it was about the culture, he would of compromised and met in the middle” …I mean URL knows this battle going down so why post a blog about Lux being like cassidy and using money as the issue when the battle has been confirmed already? Dont get tight yall couldnt come to an agreement and someone else got it done

    • lovewhitewomen

      dont be a damn ass. url post most videos

      • Whatyofeetsmelllike

        They post every video pretaining to battle rap

    • http://WWW.URLTV.TV/ ZEEKZ

      Salty no!
      1. This video had two titles to it this was corrected when it was published.
      2. Holla at Doggie Diamondz if you don’t like the content of this blog.

      • Jamal

        why would you post a video on October 13th with Hollow saying Lux isnt about the culture and hes basically holding the culture hostage by asking for cassidy numbers when the battle was already confirmed..which means this video makes no sense anymore. (obviously this was filmed before yall found out the battle was confirmed) DoggieDiamonds can post whatever to his youtube for his views..but why would URL post a video about Lux holding the culture hostage by asking for too much when they know the battle was confirmed already? sounds kinda salty mah nigga.. Thats like we know DMX has a drug problem and says hes not gonna get help for a year..then he gets help and after hes already in the rehab center you post a video before he decided to go to rehab saying DMX is a lost cause..the timing makes no sense bro..say what you want..niggas is salty

        • http://WWW.URLTV.TV/ ZEEKZ

          Your entitled to your opinion. The first tittle of the video was “T-REX CAN GET DAYLYT BACK ON URL” Now if i would of left the tittle as it was the comments would of been: “URL this aint the tittle of the vlog get your act toghether” blaah blaah blaah blaah blah. No one is salty we post a lot of content from other affiliates/leagues etc. No hate or saltiness.

  • E-Z steppin

    Yeah URL missed out on this one!!! But who the fuck thinks that hollow can fuck with lux???? I don’t think hollow is lyrical enough unless hollow has crazy personals against lux I see a body bag for hollow

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      Lux gon die Feb 2

  • ozzy

    damn URL smh, your lost is another league gain

  • Unspoken Truth

    I think niggas is buggin to see lux so bad that they actually think hollow is some form of competition

  • TFOH

    dumb fuck…your cells are ALREADY FRIED……that’s why you can’t remember your shit!

  • Texas trill

    That boy Hollow stay shoutin out that Texas

  • Shannon Glover

    overated tsu surf killed him


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