Hollow Da Don – Yola (Fan Video) Edited By Thesis

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    Serious vs Hitman would be a good match up

  • Seal Shinette

    i say t-rex

  • Suave2013

    This dude jones is garbage.. Smack pays them hella money for nth… Mook, solamon, jones, whack af

  • DRE

    Fux wit jones…..I think Arsenal/O red would be a good match!!



  • Playboydig 12

    Serious Jones is fuckin’ DELUSIONAL. He’s wack as shit!!!!! Goodz, Verb, Hollow, Rex, Conceited, OR DNA would do this nigga dirty. Fuck outta here, nigga!!!!!

  • Jamal

    Lmaooooooo at the DOT MOVE..LOL



  • adod

    cosign Hitman

  • hurricane

    Aye verb or Big T

  • Mark

    Serius VS Jin rematch SM3. Smack put up the bread so Jin can’t refuse…

  • E-skino

    Jones u fuckin know who the top nigga is right now LUX and I will keep it a million u have every right to talk your shit cuz u right u got a excessive amount of bodies but if u really really wanna solidify that shit lux is the god of this shit

  • Mary Jane

    Yo cassidy vs serius would be dope

  • Rexchap

    Jones…..PLEASE STFU….you didn’t even BEAT Clips….wtf is this nigga ON??

    • Rexchap

      This nigga thinks he’s important enough and we care enough to choose and opponent for him……ROFLMAO!!!!

      • rexchap



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