iBattle Worldwide Presents: Greedy Grimes Vs Born

iBattle Worldwide Presents  Greedy Grimes Vs Born   YouTube

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iBattle Worldwide Presents TAKEOV3R
Greedy Grimes Vs Born
Hosted by godAWFUL
Filmed by JR
Blue Bee Studios
Edited By Fresh Air Creative

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  • #BallGame✌
    If u noticed every time I be in good battles everybody quick to say "holla loss CLEARLY" but if I body somebody "it's debatable" shit funny
  • #BallGame✌
    Ppl saying i loss clearly because who I am... its cool to hate on me.. it's weak but thats what come with being a star..
  • #BallGame✌
    RT @HeavenSlayys: @HitmanHolla actions speaks for itself..... Back and still can't be touched. #BallGame 🔥
  • Gentleman & A Savage
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  • John John Da Don
    Who else said it? https://t.co/1el1EZFecf
  • John John Da Don
    RT @Loso_CHE: Man. If y'all only knew how many people hate me and call me trash on a daily basis in @BullpenBattles LOL. It's getting ridic…
    That's crazy i had this album soon as it dropped and I had no clue that's who that was .... wow 18 years later lol https://t.co/DAJkkSJP5Q