Illmaculate & Real Deal Recap Their “Ether” Battle

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Fresh off their match-up at “Ether” in Los Angeles on Dec. 6, Illmaculate and Real Deal spoke with about their battle, their predictions ahead of the ill-fated Dizaster vs. Cassidy main event and their thoughts on the highlights of 2014.

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  • Kamp

    Tie get that nigga 40oz Jess

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛

    i dunno.. 40 got this one. DNA fallin off

  • Canin

    Jess was terrible

  • <y-dey-madatanigga

    Killed jess w/ dat Arcane comparison

  • kingkobra

    Its a toss up, 
    40 round oneanybody for round two
    Dna round three


  • Jimmy Tonga

    lol r.i.p. jesse

  • TinoHernandez80


  • Bruceleenaruto2

    How u doing Follow me at @DoloDev but anyways can u check out my rap battle i promise u will enjoy it and have a good laugh if not ill give my address and u can kill me thank u heres the link enjoy


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    No one wants to pay ORed. He’s over priced himself outta battles and isn’t entertaining enuff! That’s why I battled…
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