Illmaculate Reminisces On Eyedea

When Illmaculate thinks about the greatest battle rappers who have ever been part of the culture, he often thinks about Eyedea.



  • RespectDaCulture

    Question: How come all the battles seem like trash?? Try again, Verb =/


    LMFAO. That first dredd lock dude look like a young David Haye. LOL.. 

  • Da’Juan D’Stroyer

    Offical is nice is fuck.


    beyond wack

  • Will

    Smh Damn Mook look what you done started. Way too much battle rap. 

  • Rexchap

    I’m real sick and tired of “PUT YOU IN A BOX” lines!!!   DAMN!!!!

    The more you hear these niggas, the more i’m getting BORED!!!

    I’m at the point where i ONLY wanna hear LUX!!!!


    • Ksquarebgc

       Well go watch old lux battles then why click on the video, and it’s funny you tired about hearing put you in a box reference when lux brought a casket (box)  to his battle lol

      • <y-dey-madatanigga

        LOOOOOL  some niggas is hypocrites 

  • razak mohammed

     wat da fuck u talkin about did mook bring about battle rap,get ur facts right

  • razak mohammed

    @ WILL wat da fuck u talkin about did mook bring about battle rap,get ur facts right

    • Will

      Are you serious @razak mohammed if you don’t know what Mook did for battle rap ask every battle rapper who they want to battle. Funny how niggas seem to forget, pay homage and deal with it. Mook fathered that style of battle rap that you enjoy today he is the reason that urltv and all these other battle leagued exist smh …Ask around.

  • Florida Boy

    Sire and Official was nice they got potential

  • gileteen

    that food drive line is aye verbs

  • Yammitman

    Damn son, only Lux? can the dicc riding stop please, was niggas saying that a year, two years ago when he was retired ? yall niggas blowing that man to death, let new niggas get they shit off 

  • theOpposite

    The last nigga funny as hell

  • Melvinarmstrong_5

    that girl was the best person if u think not u dont know rap

  • Robinhoods247

    offical was the best one she rap like a nigga do the guy from louisville ky was iight too and the last boy i like his energy

  • ghostwrittadamadman

    Them new niggas can rap, but why everybody got say the same shit. I think they are really big followers. Cause they all ya’ll niggas names,Used them all in they attempt at word play and the only MC that I could vote for. Had no swag, performance was iffy, reminded me of Jon Jon when he battled Hittman(1,2,3, Punchline). Like the offspring of Mia X and Biggie.

  • Guest

    looks like New O won the torney ass a whole. Dat area got some real spittaz no joking. tHat last battle was a classic in the making. 


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