Immortal Technique Talks BET’s Support for Battle Rap

Immortal Technique addressed the current rise of Battle Rap within the mainstream during his continued interview with VladTV’s Battle Rap Journalist, Michael Hughes.


  • Timothy Bias

    Don’t forget immortal technique lost on Freestyle Friday on 106th & Park

    • whatup

      Your bias as hell.

      • Timothy Bias

        That’s my actual last name. First name Timothy and last name Bias. Len Bias was my cousin who was drafted by the Celtics so I guess he was Bias Too!!!! LOL

  • nigga

    this lieing ass, 74-5 wanna be ass, thinkin kotd is a nobody league but yet its better then url ass nigga

    • Timothy Bias


    • God Aweful

      KOTD doesn’t have the URL star power but they have been producing better battles this year. It is the truth. It isn’t URL’s fault that they setup decent matches on paper but the battlers didn’t show up.

  • Timothy Bias

    Immortal technique lost to Posta Boy on 106th and Parks Freestyle Friday. Watch this I know some of you going to say where Posta Boy at and look where Immortal Technique is at??? Immortal Technique could not stay on beat. But both Posta Boy and Immortal Technique sucks anyway.

    • uMad

      Tech dont need to rap anymore, the message way deeper than that young grass hopper


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