Industry Standard’s Top 5 STL Battle Emcees On the Come Up Power Rankings – GOT FLOWZ (2)

Got Flowz made his Street Status debut when the promotion hosted a try out early fall of 2012 on the Saint Louis River Front. At the time, I thought his material was a little too “regional”, directed towards a local demographic who would be the only individuals to get a lot of his references, but the talent was obviously there. I wasn’t made a “believer” until his Street Status Empire showing vs the number one power ranked emcee on this list and his yet to be released last battle vs Jayrone from Street Status Empire this year, both I believe to be wins for the young emcee.

Pros: FRESH punches, delivery, and crowd engaging. Even if it’s something that you’ve heard before, Flowz will have a different interpretation of the material. He has a natural ability to engage a crowd with limited on camera or stage experience. His last unreleased battle against Jayrone is what has shot him in my personal list up to number 2.

Cons: He needs seasoning. His last yet to be released performance he had a second round choke which may have changed the perception of the entire battle. That can happen to the most seasoned individual, so it isn’t a major knock unless it becomes a habit. Some also say that he reminds them too much of Aye Verb, but I find that to be a little unfair, especially since many say that he’s had this style for years. His cons are pretty limited.



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