Industry Standard’s Top 5 STL Battle Emcees On the Come Up Power Rankings – JAYRONE (3)

Jayrone is a student of the battle rap culture, and I can’t repeat this enough to convey how much that he “overstands” the art of orchestration of rounds, strategic writing and stylistic approach to a battle. He doesn’t just come across as someone who takes his involvement in the culture as serious, but also as someone who has a genuine love for the art form, and that’s a safe bet for any promotion to build their brand around.

Pros: Delivery, rhyming, schemes, and performance. In my honest opinion, he has the best rhyme patterns out of any battle emcee in Saint Louis, and that includes your URL favorites. His rhyming has levels to it. The more progressive your ear is, the more patterns that you catch. His cadence structure isn’t mechanical, but it is obviously deliberate which invites the listener to be more engaged.

Cons: He alluded to this in his last yet to be released battle vs the number two emcee on this list, but he simply doesn’t punch enough. His delivery is so rhyme pattern based that he will trade a punch for delivering an ending to a scheme like it’s a cadence to a punch. It goes over well most of the time, but if he were to incorporate a few more hard hitting punches into his overall performance, he would be nearly unbeatable on the battle circuit.


  • Anonymous

    Good shit rone

    I see you out there n the lou


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