Industry’s Editorial | Nicki Minaj Apologizes for ‘Looking A** [email protected]’ Cover


Let’s be totally honest about this situation, here. People are calling her ignorant, but I think the correct phraseology should be insensitive. Much like Madonna’s ignorant ass calling her son a “nigga” on instagram and then pretending to be surprised at the backlash that she received, this is nothing more than an obvious, calculated attempt to get media run. I’ve long ago stopped caring about “what” celebrities do, but “why” they do them still generates interest to me. A full “apology” can be found below:

“What seems to be the issue now? Do you have a problem with me referring to the people Malcolm X was ready to pull his gun out on as Lookin Ass Niggaz? Well, I apologize. That was never the official artwork nor is this an official single. This is a conversation. Not a single. I am in the video shooting at Lookin Ass Niggaz and there happened to be an iconic photo of Malcolm X ready to do the same thing for what he believed in!!!! It is in no way to undermine his efforts and legacy. I apologize to the Malcolm X estate if the meaning of the photo was misconstrued. The word “nigga” causes so much debate in our community while the “nigga” behavior gets praised and worship. Let’s not. Apologies again to his family. I have nothing but respect an adoration for u. The photo was removed hours ago. Thank you”

I wouldn’t be surprised if her “apology” wasn’t written sometime last week before the cover art was even leaked by her people. In 2014, there isn’t a such thing as an “official single”. If it reaches the cloud of the internet by your own promotional team, it will be considered a single. The selection of the song was most likely decided by her and a team of her people that thought this was the route that they wanted to take to reintroduce her back into the public eye. The planning and budget that goes behind any move made by celebrities of her stature aren’t just done in a whimsical type of manner. The shit is debated, ideas are 86’ed, and money is spent, so to pretend as though you’re surprised by the backlash that you already intended to receive while simultaneously pretending as though the cover and the song wasn’t calculated is borderline laughable.

My gripe isn’t that she isn’t aware of what Malcolm X stood for, it’s that she just didn’t care, and that in her and her team’s minds, the ends justify the means. That isn’t a sign of ignorance, it’s a sign of a flawed character, and that’s always a bit tougher to rectify.

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