Is Bad Boy Records Shutting Down?


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Bad Boy Records has such an awesome and storied legacy in Hip-Hop, with the whole Family (so to speak). And the brand created by Sean “Diddy” Combs and popped off by Biggie celebrated 20 years of existence just this year. But, I am hearing that something has happened. I heard that Bad Boy is no more. I heard specifically that they fired EVERYBODY from the label. I have been informed that people are either fired or they moved to other companies. Now, the good news is I heard a lot of these people are shifted over to places like Revolt and Ciroc. Bad Boy has not been killing it on the music call front for quite sometime, but they still had people like French Montana, Janelle Monae, Machine Gun Kelly, Red Cafe, King Los and a couple others. But it has been my understanding that these acts will be handled by a bigger company like Interscope.
We outta here!

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  • Spindizzy

    Puffy thought I told you that we don’t stop, yeah I told ya that we don’t stop. He got his revolt channel, he will maybe change bad boy to revolt.

    • Anonymous

      take that dislike….take that, take that.. take that

  • url stan

    lux should give you and buster some of that 40k he was down 2-0 to calicoe an had a ugly choke but yall support helped him win especially busta

    • lil type

      why don’t you ask calicoes girlfriend and person dickridder Hollow what really went down? Hollow was jaded.

  • Truth

    Been dead to our ears


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